Instructions for Copying Photos to Iphone Using Itunes 12 “As Easy As Porridge”

For iPhone or iPad users, transferring photos from a computer to a phone will be different than with an Android phone. However, not all consumers know the fastest way to copy photos from a computer to an iPhone. So, don’t skip the article below with the easiest and fastest way to convert photos.

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2 ways to copy photos from computer to iPhone simply

The operation of copying photos from iPhone to computer aims to free up memory space for the parallel device to help save images in case of need to recover deleted photos on iPhone. To copy photos from your computer to your iPhone, you can refer to the two instructions below:

1. How to copy photos from computer to iPhone using iTunes

iTunes software for computers is a utility tool that not only helps consumers iPhone device Find lost devices quickly, but also support efficient data transfer connection between devices. Do ã, way copy photos from computer to iPhone by iTunes is the most commonly used.

*Copy photos from computer to iPhone using iTunes

You can do it yourself by following these steps:

Step 1: Download and install the free iTunes software for computers at iTunes.

Step 2: Use the cable to connect your iPhone and computer with iTunes installed. Open the iTunes app on your computer.

Step 3: After making a successful connection, the iTunes application will send information through the appearance of the Device icon, click find the icon.

Step 4: On a connected iPhone, consumers need to turn off the iCloud Photo Library feature by going to the “Settings” section, scrolling to find the “Photos” section and turning off the “iCloud Photo Library” feature ( iCloud Picture Libraryу).

Step 5: Go back to the iTunes tool interface on your computer, find the Photo section and look for the mark Scan Photo. Continue to search for “Copy Photo from…” and then find the Photo Folder you want to copy to your iPhone (Choose Folder).

*Find the folder of photos you want to copy to your iPhone

Step 6: The system will send a request to the consumer to access the folder containing the photos to be copied, from the computer to the iPhone, you find “Choose Folder”.

Step 7: To complete the operation copy photos from computer to iPhone, users press search for “Apps” (Apps) to confirm and find the section “Send” to transfer photos from iTunes system to iPhone. Find the Scan section to proceed with this iTunes photo transfer from computer to iPhone.

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2. How to transfer photos from computer to iPhone using 3uTools

The 3uToolѕ tool has a friendly interface and stable features, helping to transfer image, video, sport or wallpaper files from your computer to iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad simply. Here are instructions on how to do the aspect.

Step 1: Download and install the 3uTool tool on your computer.

Step 2: Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer. The device will display information that requires a connection, find “Trust”.

Step 3: At the main interface of the 3uToolѕ application on the computer, the connected iPhone information will be displayed, in the left menu column, click to find Photos (Photo).

*Transfer photos quickly to iPhone with 3uTools tool

Step 4: Click Find Import to find the image file or data you want to copy to iPhone. Users can search for individual files (Choose File) or search for an entire folder of images (Choose Folder) when transferring.

Step 5: After finding the image you want to copy, hold down Ctrl + Left mouse button to find multiple photos at once or find them all by Ctrl + A.

Step 6: The 3uTool tool will automatically check whether the connected iPhone has installed the application, if not, you find “I Agree” to install the application and proceed to copy the photos.

Step 7: After completing the installation, on the iPhone screen will send information requesting permission to access photo data. You click OK and wait for the tool to finish copying the image.

As above, there are 2 ways copy photos from computer to iPhone Simple and easiest to do. You can use the same process on iPad and copy multiple photos or an entire folder depending on your sharing needs. Good luck!

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