Check to see what Windows machine you are using and activated?

Check what Windows machine you are using?

You want to check information, want to know what win computer you are using, how much version, and how to configure it? Please follow the following guide to check what win machine is using. To find the right Key to Active for the computer.

Right click on This PC choose Properties

See the name of your Windows operating system in the box Windows  edition

Check what Windows machine you are using

Check if Windows 10 is Active?

Step 1: First right at the main screen of the computer. You proceed to right click on the icon This PC and then select item Properties as shown below:

Step 2: On your computer screen will open a new Tab named SYSTEM. Here we can see all the Windows 10 operating system version information that is installed on your computer.

Please pay close attention below the line Windows activation, here will be 2 cases:

  • If the word . appears Windows is not Activated : means your operating system is not activated.
  • If the word . appears Windows is Activated : means your operating system is activated. You don’t need to activate anymore.

Proceed to activate Windows 10 with Key

Step 1: Click on the text Activate Windows in the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Next, you click select Change product Key.

Step 3: This step is the most important, the window will now enter the key, choose the correct key for win 10 and enter it here. Then click Next to continue.

You choose the Key to activate Windows 10 in accordance with your operating system here.

Step 4: After entering, click the . button Activate to complete the activation of your Windows 10 license key.

As well as how to activate the copyright for each set of keys for operating systems win 10 pro 2021, win 10 home, win 10 enterise … individually. Hope this information can help you.

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