Install the status bar on the Teach Mode screen

status bar on the teach mode display


In this article will help you how to install the status bar on the screen teach mode in programming robot Nachi.

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Status bar settings

Before recording the move command in the program, we must set the status bar by following the operations below.

We can also modify the parameters using the computer’s screen editor function.

Status bar

1. Speed

Select the recording speed with the . key [CHECK SPEED / TEACH SPEED]

Recording speed changes simultaneously with manual speed when the button is pressed [Manual speed]

Each time this key is pressed, the speed for the move command will change.

2. Interpolation type

Select the type of interpolation by pressing the . key at the same time [Enable] + [Coord].

At this point the rate changes IOINT -> % ,LIN -> mm/sec.

3. Accuracy

Change the accuracy from A1 to A8 with the . key [ACC]

Accuracy for move orders is determined

4. Resume / Pause (P)

Set resume (without P) pause or pause (with P) by pressing

[Enable] + .

5. Number of tools

Press the Tool button to open the screen. Then enter the new tool number and press [Enter]

6. Acceleration

Change acceleration from D0 to D3 by pressing key [Enable] +

7. Smoothness

Change the smoothness from S0 to S3 by pressing the . key

Note : Regarding the parameters for the move command

  • The parameters of the move command defined by the status bar can be modified after recording the move command. Therefore, until you get used to the robot’s operation, focus only on how to record the robot’s position. And then modify the corresponding parameters afterwards using the screen editor”.

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