How to insert Facebook like button into posts on WordPress website in a simple way.

Besides Facebook Comments, Facebook Like Button is also one of the good ways for you to increase the interaction between the website and the world’s largest social network user. In today’s article, I will show you the simplest way to integrate it into your WordPress website . As before, I have 2 recommendations that need to be repeated. Firstly, Facebook’s services will adversely affect the loading speed of your website, you must consider the speed and convenience. Secondly, do not insert the code directly into the theme file because it is quite complicated for non-technical users and prone to website errors. Therefore, in my opinion, the best way to do this is to use the plugin.

Steps to insert Facebook like button on WordPress website

1. First, you need to install and activate the WP Like Button plugin .


2. Next, access  this link  => click the Add a New App button   => enter your application name and email and then click the Create App ID button  .


Click confirm Google reCAPTCHA => click Submit button  .


3. A new app will be created. On the sidebar on the left, click  Settings  =>  Basic .


4. Here, you will have to declare some additional information.



  • App Domains : enter your website domain name.
  • Privacy Policy URL : Enter the page to your privacy policy page.
  • Category : choose the category for your website.
  • Business Use : Choose for you or for others.

Click the Save Changes button   to save.

5. Scroll down below, click Add Platform button   => select  Website .


Enter your website link in the Site URL box   and then click the Save Changes button   to save it.


6. Click the switch icon (upper right corner of the interface) to activate the application.


Click the Confirm button   to confirm.


The application switches to the Live state which   means that you have successfully activated.

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7. Return to the setup interface of the WP Like Button plugin, enter the App ID (copy in step 4) into the corresponding box. For Admin ID , you get on the URL of the profile page (profile). For example, if my profile URL is, my Admin ID is trunghieubui93.


Some other settings:

  • Where to display : pages that will show a Facebook like button (homepage, entire page, entire post, entire archive pages, exclude certain pages and posts).
  • Enable like button for mobile : does the like button appear on the mobile interface?
  • Kid Directed Site : if your site contains content that prohibits children under 13, select Yes, otherwise select No.
  • Default Image : The default image will be used to display on Facebook (when sharing) if the post does not have a thumbnail image.
  • Shortcode : use shortcode to insert like Facebook button anywhere on website.
  • Code Snippet : use snippet to insert like button into theme.
  • Before / After : display the like button at the top or bottom of the post / page.
  • What to like : you can set a separate like button for each post / page, for the entire website or for any Facebook Page.
  • Language : display language.
  • Width : the width of the like button.
  • Position : align the position of the like button (left, center, right).
  • Layout : button layout like
  • Color : Like button colors
  • Action Type : Select action (like or recommend).
  • Button Size : Like button size.
  • Include Share Button : displays the share button next to the like Facebook button.
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Once completed, click the Save Settings button to save the entire setting.

And the result you get will look similar to this:


It is amazing, isn’t it? Good luck!

You know another simple and more optimal method to insert Facebook Like Button into posts in WordPress website? Do not forget to share it with us in the comment box below.

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