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If you are a user and need to make changes offline, there are several ways to handle this. Here’s our quick and easy guide.

One of the best things about WordPress is that almost since its introduction, it has been possible to create posts in third-party apps. This is because WordPress (both in its self-hosted and commercial versions) includes an API that allows the creation and editing of posts. Over the past few years, WordPress has also had its own suite of apps.

How to Use WordPress Offline with the Official WordPress App

You can download here the desktop or mobile WordPress application for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

It’s the easiest way to work with your site and the easiest way to write offline. The apps allow you to compose messages offline, then when you have a connection, the app will put your messages online.

How to Use WordPress Offline with Third-Party Editors

WordPress highlights a number of different offline editors, noting on its Blog that it supports major publishing standards such as the MetaWeblog API, so similar apps should work as well.

For Mac users, WordPress recommendations include Blog and Parts. The first in particular is a great tool to have on your blogging belt.

For Windows users, you can make offline WordPress edits in Word itself, while Linux users can use BlogGTK.

Some of these applications may request your blog’s XML-RPC or API endpoint. This will be your blog domain with “xmlrpc.php” appended to the end. For, for example, the endpoint would be:

The source:
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