How to speed up website on SSD web hosting of AZDIGI

Last March, AZDIGI’s shared host service had a big change:

All standard hosting plans have switched to SSDs.

This promises a faster website speed when you use AZDIGI’s hosting service.

In addition, with the service quality being more stable than in its inception, the attractiveness of AZDIGI has increased significantly.

In today’s article, I will share how to speed up your website when you use AZDIGI’s SSD web hosting service.

But first, let’s learn through AZDIGI’s standard hosting service.

Introducing AZDIGI’s standard hosting service

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AZDIGI is a Vietnamese hosting company. It is the start-up company of the famous blogger ThachPham.

ThachPham’s reputation is also a guarantee for the service quality here. However, at the beginning of its establishment, the service quality was somewhat unstable.

In 2017, the hosting service here has invested in both quality and quantity. Above all, the stability has been higher, creating a sense of peace of mind for users.

So what are the highlights of the hosting service here?

Here are a few features that might make you consider AZDIGI standard hosting:

cPanel Control Panel: AZDIGI’s hosting service uses the familiar cPanel to help you easily manage your website.

More importantly, no but a few other domestic hosting services AZDIGI’s cPanel software is always updated to the latest version.

azdigi hosting 2

Free SSL: Another plus point of hosting service at AZDIGI. AZDIGI’s cPanel has a built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for you to use.

Read more: Step by step guide to install SSL for WordPress website

azdigi 3 hosting

RAID-10″ SSD: As I mentioned, all the hosting packages here use SSD hard drives with RAID-10 setup for data access speed increased 20 times compared to conventional HDD.

LiteSpeed webserver & LSCACHE: Most hosting services use Apache server. AZDIGI is one of the rare hosting companies that invests in using LiteSpeed ​​Webserver Enterprise like Hawk Host. This server software plus LSCache makes the website up to 30 times faster than the common Apache.

Servers in Vietnam: this is the common advantage of domestic hosting services. You will no longer worry about breaking the cable affecting website speed. In addition, the geographical location near the visitor will ensure the website has the best speed.

Uptime 99.9%: AZDIGI claims uptime to meet the hosting industry standard ie 99.9%.

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Enthusiastic support: AZDIGI received many positive feedback about the quality of support service. Many of you said that the support service here is very enthusiastic and attentive. Because we are Vietnamese together, you do not need to worry about language differences.

Free data transfer supportí: If you have a website in another hosting company and want to move to AZDIGI’s hosting, you don’t need to worry about data transfer problems. Just open the ticket. AZDIGI will assist you. It’s done.

Easy data recovery: cPanel has built-in Jetbackup backup application like Hawk Host. All your data will be automatically backed up every day. You can easily restore at any time.

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Easy upgrade to higher plan: You can easily upgrade to higher hosting packages during use. So if you don’t have the conditions, you can rest assured to choose a cheap package. When the website is stable and has traffic, you can request to upgrade to a higher package. Your data remains intact.

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Refund Policy: AZDIGI will refund 100% of the registration amount within 10 days. You can go to the AZDIG homepage to better understand the refund policy.

Thus, you have an overview of AZDIGI standard hosting service.

Want to know how to register for AZDIGI SSD web hosting? See in this tutorial of mine.

How to speed up your website on AZDIGI’s standard hosting platform

Previously, I shared with you a few tips to speed up WordPress. You can read more if you want.

And now:

I will guide step by step how to speed up website for hosting service at AZDIGI:

Step 1: Upgrade PHP to the latest version.

It would be remiss if I did not mention a valuable feature of AZDIGI hosting:

You can upgrade to the latest PHP version. Specifically PHP 7.1 is the same as Hawk Host. Not many hosting companies have similar features even foreign hosting.

Upgrading to the latest PHP is also a way to improve website speed.

Recently Yoast SEO plugin is also moving force users to upgrade to the latest version.

By default, when registering for AZDIGI hosting, the PHP version will be 5.6. You should upgrade to PHP version 7.1.

Refer to this article for detailed how-to.

Step 2: Install Let’s Encrypt SSL

Using SSL gives you many benefits:

Take advantage of modern HTTP/2 protocol to handle many concurrent requests for better speed. Not every SSL installation means that the website will have HTTP/2 protocol. This also depends on the server. AZDIGI’s server has support as shown in the screenshot below:

hosting azdigi 6

Bring SEO advantages to the website. Do you still doubt this?

This is the proof: Brian Dean analyzed over 1 million search results and found a correlation between HTTPS and website rankings. This is understandable when Google claims HTTPS is a ranking signal

About how to install Let’s Encrypt certificate, I have detailed instructions on how to install SSL for WordPress website. With a cPanel that already supports Let’s Encrypt like AZDIGI, you only need a few minutes to have a website with the Secure icon in the browser bar.

Step 3: Install some website acceleration plugins.

First, we install a cache generator plugin. There are many WordPress plugins that cache WordPress websites.

Since AZDIG’s hosting service uses LiteSpeed ​​Webserver, we will install the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin.

LiteSpeed ​​Cache does not have a CSS and Javascript optimization feature, so we need to install a plugin with such a feature. Plugin Autoptimize is a suggestion for you. You can refer to a few other plugins in the article to speed up your WordPress website.

Next you need to install the image optimizer plugin if you don’t have any already installed. EWWW Image Optimizer is a free plugin you should use. Similarly, see many other image optimization plugins in the article to speed up your website.

Finally, if your theme doesn’t support slow loading of images, you should choose a plugin that does. If you do not know any such plugin, please refer to Rocket Lazy Load.

Now you can test your website speed again using popular speed testing services like GTMetrix.

Remember that these tools do not have servers in Vietnam. Therefore, the test results are for reference only.

Then, depending on the specific error, you can improve the next speed as I mentioned in the website speed up article.

But in general, installing the plugins I mentioned above you have a website with good speed on AZDIGI’s standard hosting platform.

And this is the result of speeding up a demo website of mine. This website I use demo of Adsense theme, an extremely quality theme of MyThemeShop suitable for blogs making money from Adsense or affiliate marketing.

hosting azdigi 5


Speed ​​is a factor that affects a website’s ranking in Google’s search results.

As in Brian Dean’s article, he showed a correlation between website speed and ranking when analyzing a million search results from Google.

Therefore, you should take into account the speed factor when choosing hosting. In addition, you need to optimize the speed right from the time of website development. Don’t wait for your website to be perfect and stable before thinking about speeding it up. This will be very tiring!

And in this article, you know how to speed up your website hosted on AZDIGI’s SSD hosting service.

To recap:

You can further optimize the hosting speed here by enabling some features such as upgrading to PHP 7.1 or installing some other speeding plugin, such as LiteSpeed ​​Cache.

Are you using hosting at AZDIGI? Please share more about your experience or views about AZDIGI’s hosting service in the comments section below.

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