How to set Google as homepage on Google Chrome

Setting the Google search engine as the homepage on the Google Chrome browser will help you find information faster, without having to type in the address.

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Google is currently the most popular and popular information search engine in the world, used by many people. Not only used on computers but also with mobile devices, Google is also the most used search site. And on computers, if you often use Google, you can set it as your homepage on Google Chrome.

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When set as the homepage, we will quickly access Google without having to enter the net address as before. Thus, users can enter the content they need to search faster. The steps to set Google as the homepage Google Chrome will own in the article below.

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Step 1:

At the Google Chrome browser, we click 3 vertical dots icon then find Setting.

Click Install

Step 2:

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Next click on 3 dashes icon then find Item Appearance in the drop-down list below.

Chrome Appearance Section

Step 3:

At this new interface part Show home button is disabled by default. Move the horizontal bar to the right to activate.

We will then have the option to find the home button in the New Tab Page or Enter a custom net address. Here we will accumulate the search Enter a custom net address. Enter the site address as then click on the outside to save the changes.

Enter Google website address

So when you return to Chrome browser, you just need to tick Home button icon to open Google is done.

Set Google as Chrome homepage

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In case you want to immediately open Google when accessing Chrome, but do not want to click on the Home button, at the Settings interface, find the section At launch, then click on the item Manage pages at launch.

Customize at Chrome startup

Next, add your search Open a specific page or set of pages then tap Add new page.

Add default website on Chrome

Import Google web site address and press Add button to save.

Open Google when accessing Chrome

So when we open the Chrome browser, it will immediately open the Google search page, by setting Google as the Chrome homepage and setting up the Google tool to launch immediately when opening Chrome. In addition, with this method, you can also set any net page you want as the homepage on Google Chrome.

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