How to rename User in Windows 10 in the simplest and fastest way!

How to rename User in Windows 10 For those who are using Windows 10 operating system often interested, because the username will appear on your computer screen when logging in. Sometimes you want to change the username right on your computer according to your wishes, but you are struggling to know how to replace it.

So let’s learn with through the article below to help you know how to change the User name in Win 10 on your own computer!

There are many ways to change the User name in Win 10 so that you can choose the most suitable and convenient for your operation on the computer you are using and here are some specific instructions on how to do this. rename User in Win 10 that you can refer to:

5 Ways To Change Username In Windows 10 Simple And Easy To Do

Method 1: Use a Microsoft account to change the username “User”

In this way, you will perform the following steps:

Step 1: Open the window Start Menu then select folder Settings.

Step 2: When the screen interface appears, click to select the folder Accounts.


Step 3: Next you choose your information (Your info).

Step 4: Then click Manage my Microsoft account (Manage my Microsoft Account)


Step 5: Then you wait for the account page in the browser and then click on the name as shown below.

Step 6: Next, click on the edit name item (Edit name).

Step 7: Then you type your Name in the first name (First name) and surname (Last name) After that, there is a confirmation code below (Enter the characters you see) you re-enter the code sent and then click save (Save).

you type your name in the first name

Attention: Editing your name here affects your profile in all of our services Microsoft so you need to carefully consider the name change.

Method 2: Use the control panel account (Control Panel) or otherwise known as the local account to change the login name.

With this way, the implementation of the steps is also quite simple.

Step 1: Click on select panel (Control Panel).

How to rename User in Windows 10

Step 2: Then go to select user account (User Accounts).

Step 3: Then the User Accounts interface will appear on the screen, click on the item Change account name (Change the account name).

Change account name

Step 4: Then the interface appears as shown below, type the name you want to change and then select rename (Change Name).

Thus the renaming has been completed.

How to rename User in Windows 10

Method 3: Use Netplwiz to change username

Step 1: Click on the Start Menu window then on the search bar you type Netplwiz then click Open to open an account.

How to rename User in Windows 10

Step 2: Then in the interface that pops up at Users You make the selection of the account to change the name and then click Properties.

Step 3: Next in the First and Last Name field (Full Name) You do the typing of the alternate username you want and then click to select (Apply) and finally click on Ok to finish and save the renaming.

Open to open an account

Method 4: Use local users and groups (Local Users and Groups) to change the username

Step 1: You open the dialog box Run by pressing the key combo “Windows + R ”


Step 2: Then you type the command lusrmgr.msc in the red circled box as shown below and select OK to open the interface Local Users and Groups.

Step 3: When the interface pops up, click Users control panel then right click go to the account you want to rename and click rename (Rename).

Go to the account you want to rename

Step 4: Type the account name you want to change as the item below the red circled box.


Method 5: Use the computer management tool “Computer Management”

In addition to using the above methods, you can also use this tool to change the User name very easily, as follows:

Step 1: First you also click on the window “Start Menu”.

Step 2: In the search bar, type “Computer Management”.

Step 3: Next to expand the interface “System Tools’ you double click on “System Tools”.

Step 4: Then on the extended interface of “System Tools” you continue to expand the interface Local Users and Groups by double clicking and then clicking on the user entry (Users).

Step 5: Here you also click on the account you need to edit or change and then click on Properties.

Step 6: Finally in the interface you enter “General” and enter the name you want to change into the field Full name “Full name” then select “Apply” and click “OK” To save it like that is to change the name “User” Accomplished.

How to rename User in Windows 10

How to Change Avatar Avatar on Windows 10

Detailed Instructions (Attached Pictures)

Step 1: First you open the window – the Start menu. Then click on the account, then select “change Account settings”


Step 2: You choose the part info then click Browse. A window will open allowing you to select the images in the library.

Change Avatar Avatar on Windows 10

Step 3: Click the photo you want to select and upload.


Step 4: You click OK, so you have completed the operation to change the new avatar.

Change Avatar Avatar on Windows 10

So, here are some tutorials How to rename User in Windows 10 You can consult and find out for yourself the most suitable way to change the User name on your own computer as you want and it’s simple, not as difficult as you think. none.

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