How to remove broken iPhone 5s glass to fix it

Instructions to remove and replace iPhone 5s glass at home

You are using the popular smatphone iPhone 5s and can’t get the glass of the device broken. You do not know how to remove and replace the new glass for iPhone 5s. I will guide users how to handle this situation through the article below.

How to remove broken iPhone 5s glass to fix it

Instructions to remove the iPhone 5s glass screen

1. How to replace glass iPhone 5s

Before proceeding to remove and replace the new glass for iPhone 5s, you need to prepare the following essential tools:

– A new iPhone 5s glass, and to ensure quality when using the device, you should buy iPhone 5s glass processed by Apple, avoiding buying fake goods.

– Screws, tweezers, torch, soft cloth, specialized water, …

You need to back up important data in the device through iTunes, iCloud and turn off the power before disassembling.

Specific steps to replace broken iPhone 5s glass are as follows:

Users use screws to remove the two screws on the bottom edge of the device, then use tweezers to poke the screw hole next to the charger and lift the screen from the bottom.

How to remove broken iPhone 5s glass to fix it

Use the screw to remove the two screws on the charging socket

Next, users use their nails to gently separate the screen along the sides of the device after creating a gap between the screen and the side of the device. Note in this operation, you need to be careful because the screen and board on the machine have a connection cable, if not careful, the cable will be broken.

Then, users use screws to open the three screws in the screen socket cover, gently lift the display sockets with tweezers, and then lift the screen out of the body.

How to remove broken iPhone 5s glass to fix it

Gently lift the screen off the body

Set the body aside to handle the screen. The glass and display frame are instantly bonded together by a layer of glue. Therefore, users need to use a torch to heat this glue to easily separate the glass from the screen frame.

It is necessary to clean the screen frame, including the debris of the glass with tweezers, and use the cloth to wipe the glue on the edge of the screen frame.

To ensure a convenient replacement process, please insert a clean screen into the machine to check if the touch screen is in good use or not, then install a new glass.

If you check that the screen touch is fine, then remove the screen and peel off the layer behind the screen to expose the glass, wipe the adhesive layer between the glass and the back layer with a soft cloth and specialized water. Continue, apply a new layer of glue to attach the back of the device to the new glass. Then stick the new glass on, make sure it fits snugly and doesn’t deviate.

Buyers should use a soft cloth to remove the remaining glue after gluing the glass on and fitting the two parts of the screen together.

Finally, the user installs the screen on the body and starts the machine to test.

2. Use and protect iPhone 5s glass properly

To prolong the life of the iPhone 5s screen, users should note a few issues as follows:

– Coating a nano layer on the iPhone 5s glass to protect the screen from external impacts, the glass will not be scratched, making the touch smoother. However, this method will cost more than you use a screen protector.

– In addition, you can also equip the screen with a tempered glass to protect the screen.

How to remove broken iPhone 5s glass to fix it

Use tempered film to protect the screen

If the iPhone 5s glass has been scratched, use toothpaste and a soft cloth to clean it. This can partially fix the problem of scratched glass.

At this point, users must have known how to remove the iPhone 5s glass at home. However, to carry out the proper disassembly and assembly, you need to have experience and understanding of the parts of the iPhone 5s. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your device, please bring it to the center for support with a team of experienced technical staff.

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