How to register for Internet Banking Vietcombank Online simple

In today’s modern era, the use of internet banking is increasingly popular and extremely necessary for people. Thanks to the introduction of this service, banking transactions are simplified. You can make transactions anytime, anywhere and don’t have to worry about needing to transfer money during the holidays.

With this article, you will learn more about Internet banking Vietcombank. Hopefully with the information shared, Vietcombank’s customers can make transactions in the most convenient way.

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Internet banking Vietcombank brings convenience when using
Internet banking Vietcombank brings convenience when using

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Internet Banking What is Vietcombank?

Internet banking Vietcombank is known as a service built to help customers simplify transactions with banks via the Internet. With this service, customers can do it anytime, anywhere without having to go to the bank with cumbersome paperwork. Although it is easy to do and extremely convenient, it is still absolutely safe.

According to the service, customers can perform basic transactions such as viewing account balances, transferring money online, paying expenses, depositing money into e-wallets, etc. Because of this advancement. that internet banking is gradually becoming popular for almost everyone.

Advantages of Vietcombank Internet Banking service

Here are some benefits when using Vietcombank Internet Banking service that customers should not ignore:

  • Internet banking Vietcombank helps customers to operate conveniently and quickly with simple steps suitable for all ages of users.
  • Saving costs and maximum transaction time compared to direct transactions at the counter.
  • Internet Banking Vietcombank supports paying phone bills, internet … directly on the page.
  • High security should be absolutely safe to use.
  • Customers can install the service according to their individual needs.

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Outstanding features of Vietcombank Internet Banking service

With Internet banking service at Vietcombank, customers will be able to use the following features.

Look up information

  • Look up the remaining balance in the account as well as account information.
  • Look up information about types of memory cards, credit cards, debit cards, …
  • Look up the history of the transactions made.

The ability to pay for institutions

  • Quick transfer for accounts with Vietcombank
  • Transfer money to financial institutions that cooperate with Vietcombank
  • Payment of prepaid, postpaid bills, services that Vietcombank signs and cooperates with.
  • Ability to deposit: open an online savings account, withdraw online, deposit or withdraw on the expiration date.

Ability to pay for individuals

  • Transfer money to individuals by ID card/Passport.
  • Make money transfers to individuals using other banks.
  • Billing statement.
Internet banking with extremely convenient services
Internet banking with extremely convenient services

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Instructions to register for Internet banking Vietcombank

Internet banking is an online service to help customers make transactions simpler and faster. Vietcombank’s customers can register for Vietcombank Internet banking day to simplify their transactions.

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However, currently, Vietcombank has not yet built a form to register for internet banking online. Therefore, to be able to use this service, you need to go directly to the bank’s transaction counters for advice and registration support. Alternatively, you can call the operator via the hotline 1900 5454 13 for consultants to assist you in registering for this service.


The condition to participate in using Vietcombank Internet Banking service is to have a current deposit account at Vietcombank and be an individual customer.

  • Register to use Vietcombank internet banking (for information lookup features)
  • Register to use Vietcombank internet banking and Vietcombank SMS banking (for payment and transfer features)

Registration Profile

Dossier to register for Internet banking Vietcombank Online includes:

  • ID card or ID card
  • The request for opening an account and activating Vietcombank Online service is provided at the transaction counter.

In addition, to be able to use this service, you need to set up an account at Vietcombank. To be able to save time and effort, you should sign up for the internet banking package as soon as you create a bank account.

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Instructions to register Internet Banking Vietcombank online

Register at the counter

Customers go directly to branches and transaction offices of Vietcombank to register Vietcombank online according to the instructions of the staff. When registering, you need to bring all documents.

Register Internet Banking Vietcombank online

If you already have a payment account, the cardholder only needs to register for Vietcombank online banking on the bank’s website. After registration is complete, the staff will call back to confirm the information and you can now use the service normally. All operations you only need to perform in a few minutes right on your computer or personal phone.

Instructions for using Internet Banking Vietcombank

For customers who have not used internet banking, the operations will probably be relatively new and difficult. To help customers use this service as easily as possible, the category will help you answer these questions.

Login to Internet Banking Vietcombank

To be able to log in and use the service Internet banking Vietcombank The easiest way is to download the app published by the bank about foreign electricity. Alternatively, you can go to your bank’s website and log in. You need to enter above login, password and verification code to complete login. In there:

  • user name: Provided by Vietcombank as soon as you register for the service.
  • Password: Sent to the customer’s email when making the first login.
  • Test code: Displayed next to the code input box
Sign in for new experiences
Sign in for new experiences

Change login password for Internet Banking Vietcombank

On your first login, the system will display a request to change your password. When this display appears, you can change the password as desired. After entering the old password, enter the new password and re-enter the new password. With just a few simple steps, you have completed the procedure to change your password Internet banking Vietcombank mine.

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In addition, if you want to change your password after multiple logins, you can go to the change password section of the website or app and follow the same procedure to complete the password change.

Instructions to change password for Internet banking account
Instructions to change password for Internet banking account

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Install OTP receiving method on Vietcombank Online

After completing the login as well as changing the password for the account, you need to register to receive OTP. Depending on the individual, the method of receiving OTP will be different. After accessing the “Setting OTP receiving method” section, you need to select the multiplication method. Here are some forms to refer to customers using the service.

Set OTP receiving method
Set OTP receiving method

Step 1: First select “Set OTP receiving method”

Step 2: Customers can choose one of the methods below to receive the OTP code.

  • With “Smart OTP” first need to enter the transaction verification code each time, the Vietcombank OTP screen displays the OTP code.
  • “Via SMS”: Cardholder receives an OTP code sent by the bank via the registered phone number.
  • “Use EMV card”: The screen displays the OTP Code, you need to enter the Transaction Verification Code each time you make a transaction.

Step 3: In the last step, customers only need to press the “Confirm” button to complete all installation procedures

Sign up for a limit for money transfers

Customers need to perform the process of choosing the maximum money transfer limit for their Vietcombank internet banking account. Depending on the level and amount of money transfer, each customer will choose a different limit. You need to complete the procedure by following these steps:

  • Go to ‘Setting transfer limit’
  • Choose the right limit for your needs.
  • Confirm with OTP received
  • Click “Define” to finish.

Declare personal information

Declare information is also one of the important steps when using Internet Banking in general and Internet Banking Vietcombank in particular. To declare information for your internet banking account, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Customers go to the “Personal information” section to check as well as change the incorrect information before. In addition, customers can also set the customer language here.
  • Then, click ‘Save information’ to complete the change.
Check and change information in the
Check and change information in the “Personal information” section

Is there a fee to register for Internet Banking Vietcombank?

According to the latest regulations of Vietcombank, registering for Vietcombank online banking service is completely free. Customers do not have to pay any registration fees. Cardholders only pay fees during use, such as money transfer fees. This fee is usually not high and is calculated based on the amount transferred by the customer.

Transfer money to cardholders at Vietcombank

  • Under 50 million VND: 2,000 VND/time.
  • Over 50 million VND: 5,000 VND/time.

Transfer to beneficiary at another bank

  • Under 10 million VND: 7,000 VND/transaction
  • From VND 10 million or more: 0.02% of the total amount transferred
  • This fee will be deducted directly from your bank account number.


With the information shared, are you confident enough to register? Internet banking Vietcombank or not? Register today to receive the best services. Wish Vietcombank’s customers will have new and convenient experiences with Vietcombank Internet Banking

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