How to make videos with Microsoft’s Clipchamp

Web School of Informatics There are posts: How to make videos with Microsoft’s Clipchamp Clipchamp is very easy to get started even if you are new to creating and editing videos. This online video editor is faster because it processes video files in the browser itself.

Videos are very popular these days. You can find them in social media posts, YouTube, in advertisements and will even be used to win customers. And while creating quality video may seem complicated, it’s actually all easy with a simple video editor like Clipchamp.

Microsoft recently acquired the popular Clipchamp video editor and it’s now available as desktop software exclusively on the Microsoft Store on PCs running Windows 10 or 11. So let’s explore how we can make it simple. Simply create interesting videos with Clipchamp.

Start with Clipchamp

Clipchamp is easy to get started as soon as you are new to creating and editing videos. This online video editor is faster because it resolves video files in the browser itself.

1. Download Clipchamp software.

2. Create a Clipchamp account (you can use a Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Dropbox or email account).

3. Start editing and creating videos with the Clipchamp app.

4. Whenever you want to use Clipchamp, use its shortcut in the Windows Start menu and it will open in your browser – Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

How to make a quick Instagram video for a new website

You can run a pizzeria from home, become a freelance graphic designer or become a talented singer. Isn’t it great to create an Instagram promotional video for your new website? Let’s see how specifically.

Once you’re signed in to Clipchamp, the dashboard opens. Click the button Create a video to access Clipchamp’s online video editor.

In the leftmost pane, you will find the main menu with many options that you can also experiment with. Besides the menu, you will find template categories, there are both premium categories that come with paid plans and free templates.

How to make videos with Microsoft's Clipchamp
Template categories

Premium plans come with higher resolutions, from 720p to 1080p. And there is also a Brand kit where you can create and store your brand’s logo, fonts and colors.

While the video tutorial of the free plan only allows you to display up to 480p, it’s always a good tool to use for personal purposes. The Basic package comes with free audio and video templates, and you can still use the free version to do all your video editing. Therefore, even the Basic plan is well-suited for creating YouTube and social networking videos.

To get started, choose a free template for testing. Each template can be previewed by clicking. Once you select a template, the video and audio files of that template will load into the Your media section of the editor and on the timeline. You can play it in the preview window at the top of the timeline.

For this tutorial, the author chose an Instagram website launch template with a 1:1 ratio. This template is a rocket launch as you can see in the image below. The author will use this video to create an introductory video for the website launch of an upcoming pizzeria.

How to make videos with Microsoft's Clipchamp
Sample Templates

How to add and change text in video template

To add text, click the purple text box above the video in the timeline (each text that appears in the video will have its own text box). Editing options will appear above the preview window, namely Text, Transform, Colors, Filters, Adjust Colors and Fade .

Click option Text to change the text and font.

How to make videos with Microsoft's Clipchamp
Click Text option to enter text

To change the text appears, click that in the purple text box, select the Text option to add your site’s name.

You can preview the video to see how it is. If you want to change the text style, select Text in the main vertical menu on the left to cycle through the options.

How to make videos with Microsoft's Clipchamp
Video preview

How to add music to video

You can add royalty-free music to your videos. To do that, select the option Music & SFX from the main menu. Select a free track, and then drag and drop it on the timeline from where you want the music to start.

How to make videos with Microsoft's Clipchamp
Add music to video

Similarly, you can trim the video to fit the music length. To trim a video clip, select it in the timeline (click to highlight), then click and drag the edges back and forth.

How to add transition effects in video

When you are using two or more clips in 1 video, the point where the clips convert can become an issue. To fix this, you can add transitions to practice the changes smoothly.

Choose Filters & transition from the main menu. Then drag and drop an appropriate transition between the two video clips. Preview the transition in the window Preview. If you don’t like it, try the transition until you find an option you like.

How to make videos with Microsoft's Clipchamp
Add transition effects in video

Once done, you can click Export top right and the video will start exporting in the browser. You’ll see options to save and share your videos like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can even upload your videos directly to YouTube, Tik Tok or Pinterest.

Once done, you can get the link of the video to share with anyone you like. And finally, Clipchamp saves a copy of the video to your PC, allowing you to post the video anywhere or back it up on storage of your choice.

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