How to login, register vnEdu to check test scores, study scores?

VnEdu is an educational network founded by VNPT Group. In particular, through this electronic contact book solution, VnEdu contributes to strengthening the relationship between teachers, parents and students. At the same time, vnEdu also allows users to look up exam scores and study scores accurately. So if you don’t know how look up vnEdu Then check out the article below!

Users register directly on the management software of the e-school. To register for the software, parents must go through the homeroom teacher. To be able to look up learning results on the website and receive messages from the electronic contact book system.

How to log in to VnEdu – an electronic contact book to look up study scores

Before proceeding look up vnEdu and can log in, we need to create an account. Here we would like to introduce in the VnEdu system, there are all 3 items such as:

How to log in to VnEdu - an electronic contact book to look up study scores

Section for teachers, section for parents and section for students

Particularly for the teacher section, all are provided by the school. They use professional software provided by the school itself. Therefore, they cannot make other external registrations. The system allows parents to register but it is also quite troublesome. As for the students, the contact book is the set of records that include all information about the learning process. Which we often call electronic school records. Each student has a different student ID and password issued by the school.

Watch on Smart TV

  • Step 1: Use a web browser to access the website and then select the Parent menu.

Watch on Smart TV

  • Step 2: We enter the phone number that you have registered to receive messages from the electronic contact book or the student code in the section Look up learning results -> Select Filter to search for results.

Watch on Smart TV - look up vnedu

  • Step 3: After performing the Filter, the names of the students will appear. You choose the name of the student – the class you are studying for which you need to see the score, the window on the right will appear.
  • Step 4: Next, enter the password in the corresponding box (the default password is the phone number that you registered the phone before) -> Select Confirm to view.

View on mobile phone or computer

  • Step 1: You use a web browser to access the website address as well as look up vnedu as follows
  • Step 2: Then click on the menu bar Select the Parent menu. The following windows will appear
  • Step 3: Next, click on the bar with the menu icon and enter the phone number you registered before.

View on mobile phone or computer - look up vnedu

  • Step 4: Then click on the filter word.
  • Step 5: Select Student Name – Grade, corresponding school year that you need to see.

View on mobile phone or computer - look up vnedu

  • Step 6: Enter the password (usually the registered phone number) in the corresponding box and select confirm and complete the score viewing.

The benefits of electronic contact book

In order to help students’ parents, especially those who do not often use the software, can easily find and capture information about their children’s daily learning as well as comment, inform announcements, class meeting invitations from the school or class plans. Check your child’s learning results conveniently and quickly with just one message (sms) about receiving notification of exam schedule, review plan from school and homeroom teacher. Or notices about their children’s attendance when they are absent, have bad grades, ..

Listen to the homeroom teacher’s comments about your child. Enhance the image of the school. To provide information, study results, exam schedule for parents, students, teachers. … helps to improve the quality of teaching by keeping a close eye on their children. Enhance the image of a modern school with a very professional working style. Especially contributing to promoting modernization and computerization in schools

Above do detailed information, specifically on how to login, register, look up VNedu to check test scores, study scores. Thank you for reading and reviewing! If you have any questions, you can leave a question below, we will respond as quickly as possible.

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