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After signing up for Google Adsense, you will have to insert ads into WordPress to make money. Because Adsense provides HTML code, placing the banner on the website is relatively easy. But if you are using Adsense for the first time, you will find it a bit difficult. This article will show you how to insert ads in WordPress as easily as possible.

Insert ads in WordPress automatically

Get the promo code

With automatic type when inserted, the ad will automatically be inserted in the appropriate position. You won’t need to do anything. Google will automatically set the QC for you.

Click advertisement => overview => Lấy mã


>> Copy the code and put it in a pair of tags trong file header.php

>> If you don’t know the code, use the plugin Insert Headers and Footers by WPBeginner to insert.


Insert Scripts in Header


Next click chỉnh sửa


Next tick Quảng cáo tự động => Apply to website


Insert ads in WordPress by ad unit

If you don’t like the above automatic, then switch to unit ads.

Click on category Recommended


Name the ad unit at the top => Click create


Copy the code provided by Google Adsense


>> After having that code, you will install it manually or use Plugin.

Plugin Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads

After installing the plugin, click Settings => Ad Inserter


Set up Ad Inserter


Choose which ads to show in Posts, Homepage, Category pages… All can be selected.

At Insertion choose automatic type:

Before Post: phía trước bài viết
Before Content: phía trước nội dung bài viết
Before Paragraph: phía trước một đoạn văn bản
After Paragraph: phía sau một đoạn văn bản
After Content: phía sau nội dung bài viết
After Post: phía sau bài viết
Before Excerpt: phía trước văn bản mô tả ngắn bài viết
After Excerpt: phía sau văn bản mô tả ngắn bài viết
Between Posts: giữa nội dung bài viết
Before Comments: phía trước phần bình luận
After Comments: phía sau phần bình luận
Footer: phía trước footer bên dưới web

If in the case of using the plugin does not show ads, you should use the manual way. Insert any Widget and wait to see if it appears or not.

With the tutorial on inserting ads in WordPress above to do it, you will follow the 2 ways that I mentioned above. To add in the middle of the article, use the Ad Inserter plugin. Or add to the functions.php file I will write in another post.

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