How to hide apps on Samsung phones.

OneUI on Samsung phones has many great features. One of those features is hiding apps, so how do you use this feature.

Unlike the two phones of the OPPO and Xiaomi series, the application hiding feature on Samsung is only temporarily hiding the application, which can be accessed by other “detours”, while the OPPO and Xiaomi phones are the real application lock, You must have a password to enter. However, with your device being an individual, you can hide the application and no one will know that you have this application installed on that device.

How to hide apps on Samsung phones

  1. Into the Setting > Screen saver > Hide apps.
    How to hide apps on Samsung
  2. A list of applications on the device will be displayed. You click on the word icon to add it to the list of Hide applications.
    How to hide apps on Samsung phones.
  3. After selecting, press H. socks To confirm.
    How to hide apps on Samsung phones.
  4. At this point, these application icons will disappear from the screen. Very simple.

To reopen these apps, you can re-enter Setting > Screen saver > Hide apps and delete the applications you want to unhide.

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However, as mentioned above, this trick is only temporary. You can access these apps even when hidden in many ways, for example you can go to the Play Store type the name of the app and you can click Open to open the app without any hiccups at all.

How to hide apps on Samsung phones.

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With the hidden app feature on Samsung, Apps still work properly when hidden and you can still access apps via tips. However, with a personal phone, perhaps such a need is enough.

Hope this tips to hide apps on Samsung phones will help you. Good luck and if you don’t have a Samsung phone but an OPPO or Xiaomi phone and want the same feature, don’t skip the two links below:

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