How to fix the hosts file in Windows 10? In the process of using the computer, there are times when you need to edit it to suit your needs. However, not everyone knows how to edit the hosts file. To edit it, you also have to know how to open it to be able to edit it.

You struggle not knowing how to edit when you don’t have to be someone who really knows the hosts file. So let’s go together find out!

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First of all, to edit it, you need to know how to open or access the hosts file to be able to perform the editing steps. And here are 3 ways to do it:

Method 1: Open the folder search

Step 1: First, select This PC on the computer screen.

Step 2: Next, you select the C drive and select the Windows folder.

Step 3: You click and search for System32 on the interface of windows then click Drivers.

Step 4: At the driver to find the host file, hover your mouse to search and select the etc folder.

Step 5: When you find the hosts file, right-click the interface that appears and select Open with to open the hosts file.cach-sua-file-host-in-win10-0

Step 6: You choose to open Notepad (Notebook) for easier editing.

Method 2: Open with the Run dialog box

Step 1: You open the Run dialog box by pressing the key combo Windows + R.

Step 2: Then you open the direct link to etc you do by copying the command “C:windowsSystem32driversetc” to enter Run then choose

Step 3: This step you do as step 5 and step 6 in the above way.

Method 3: Open with the key combination Windows + WILL

Step 1: First you press the combo key Windows + S.

Step 2: Then you copy the command “C:windowsSystem32driversetc” then select Enter then directory etc will be displayed on the interface.

Step 3: You can also do the same step 5 and step 6 at 1 . distance.

  • Edit hosts file windows 10.

Usually when you cannot access social networking sites or need to block unnecessary software, you will edit the hosts file. Therefore, in order for the access and social networking sites to not be affected, you need to edit the hosts file correctly.

a. Edit or change.

Step 1: To facilitate editing when the hosts file is opened, you should copy or cut the hosts file to the desktop.

And right click to select Open With.


Step 2: Use Notepad to mở File host then edit.


Step 3: After editing, copy all the content you just edited, then open the hosts file in etc and overwrite the previously unedited file by clicking Replace the file in the destination (Replace files in destinations) and select Continue (Continue).cach-sua-file-host-in-win10-4

b. Use permissions to modify the hosts file.

Step 1: You choose where you need to edit the hosts file, then right-click the folder and then click on the item Properties.

Select the hosts file to edit

Step 2: When the interface appears, you switch to the card Security (protection), then select the username and finally select Edit (Editor).

Step 3: Tick ​​the box for full control (Full Control) then choose Apply and press Ok.cach-sua-file-host-in-win10-7

Step 4: You modify the hosts file and then save the hosts file

c. Use the Host File Editor utility

If you feel the above ways are too complicated, you can Download  Host File Editor 1M about and start the installation. But a note when you do the installation is to check the login permission if you want only you to be able to log in to it.


Notification is where the Host File is assigned in Win 10. To start the application you do the following:

Step 1: First enter the window Start, then select Apps

Step 2: Next, you type in the IP table in turn: Addresses (Address), Host Names (Server name), Comment (comment) is similar to the websites you need to manage.

Step 3: When done setting to save, choose Save.

For Host File Editor suitable for most different users and above all it is suitable for users who do not know too much about editing the host file in windows 10 because it has advantages such as: Remove, copy or call kernel copy, save or also block multiple entries.

So the above article will guide you how to fix windows 10 hosts file, hopefully through the article on will bring you useful information when you need to modify the hosts file accordingly.

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