How to distinguish the value of NFT WonderHero (WND)?

WonderHero recognizes that many community members are unsure of how to discern the value of their NFTs and have questions regarding different background colors and star ratings. This article will explain in detail how WonderHero NFTs are classified, how the NFT’s staking power is calculated, and why some colored background NFTs are so valuable!

How to determine the value of NFT?

As users may notice, NFT WonderHero comes in different background colors, star ratings, and some even have different border designs. So how to distinguish and understand what it all means?

In general, the higher the star rating, the greater the probability of getting good properties for the NFT. But first, refer to the chart below for a better understanding of what all the colors mean.

Based on this chart, we can see there are 2 different background colors for 3-star, 4-star and 5-star NFT. The blue, purple, and orange background represent a standalone item, they do not activate the item’s ability, while the green background represents the NFT as part of the item set.

Please note that this chart only applies to NFT Weapons & Equipment. Hero skins are shown differently. (The 2-star and 3-star Hero Skins have purple backgrounds, and the 4-star and 5-star Hero Skins have orange backgrounds).


Standalone NFT
  • 3-piece gear set (headgear, battle suit, badge)
3-piece gear set (headgear, battle suit, badge)
  • Independent weapon NFT
Independent weapon NFT
  • 4-piece gear set (weapon, headgear, battle suit, badge)
4-piece gear set (weapon, headgear, battle suit, badge)
  • 2 star and 3 star hero skins
2 star and 3 star hero skins
  • 4 and 5 star hero skins
4 and 5 star hero skins

In short, if the user sees a GREEN background, that’s rare as it’s part of the gear set and the user needs to collect the full set to unlock additional skills! (It’s not an easy thing, but it’s a feat to accomplish in the game.)

NFT star rating and staking power calculation

All WonderHero NFTs can be staking to earn WND rewards on The NFT star rating determines the staking strength as follows:

  • 1 sao = 1
  • 2 sao = 5
  • 3 sao = 10
  • 4 sao = 20
  • 5 sao = 30

As users upgrade NFT using HON or WND or both, NFT becomes more valuable and increases staking.

NFT Staking Power = Base Staking Power + (HONCost x 0,1) + (WNDCost x 10)

  • HONCost: accumulated HON consumed by NFT for upgrading.
  • WNDCost: accumulated WND used by NFT to upgrade.

The higher the staking strength, the more NFT staking rewards users will receive.

Introduction to WonderBox and how to read infographics

Each WonderBox contains 5 NFTs. After opening the box, the user will receive 1 hero skin, 1 weapon and 3 equipment. Each WonderBox is randomly selected, from 2 stars to 5 stars, where 5 stars is the highest rating.

The 5-star WonderBox contains rare hero equipment, weapons and skins, some of which are Hero-specific.

Using Celeste le Croix as an example…

Using Celeste le Croix as an example

Celeste le Croix’s exclusive A-gear kit

  • Anubis’ Oath (Headgear)
  • Anubis’ Attire (Battle Item)
  • Anubis’ Balance (Badge)
  • Formless Demon (Weapon)

This set of equipment will activate the following effects: When Celeste’s HP drops below 40%, she enters the Coffin of Eversleep, recovering her HP, increasing her resistances, and also disarming nearby enemies for a turn. Celeste can use this skill: Coffin’s Awakening from the Coffin, and this reduces her ultimate cooldown by 5.

Celeste le Croix’s exclusive A-gear kit
Celeste le Croix exclusive A-gear kit (2)

Celeste le Croix’s exclusive B-equipment set

  • Feast of Blood (Headwear)
  • Cursed Robe (Battle Suit)
  • Bloody Chronicles (Badge)
  • Divine Arbitration (Weapon)

This equipment set will activate the following effects: After using her ultimate skill, Celeste gains the skill: Feast of Blood. Whenever an ally acts, Celeste deals damage to nearby enemies and heals herself for 100% of the damage dealt. (note only enabled twice).

Celeste le Croix’s exclusive B-equipment set
Celeste le Croix Exclusive B-Device Kit (2)

Compare that to Celeste with the normal equipment received from the 2-star WonderBox.

Compared to Celeste with normal equipment
Compare with Celeste with normal equipment (2)

All Heroes have exclusive sets of gear that bestow different abilities, so keep an eye on them!

About WonderHero

WonderHero is an NFT game that allows Play-to-Earn on mobile. The game is a turned-base game that combines MMORPG with both iOS and Android versions, where players collect Heroes, participate in role-playing battles and play to earn tokens in a fantasy world. Game designed and inspired by Anime, each hero in WonderHero has unique skills and attributes that allow him to take on a variety of combat roles, such as shield role, support role, Attack role and combined role with extra customization from the game’s system. Players actively map out tactics and participate in combat; The user’s heroes fight in real time and can be commanded to attack enemies with skills, giving the game an element of strategy and interaction that many mobile MMORPGs lack.

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