If you want to experience playing games or working with iOS on Android devices and PCs, please refer to the iOS emulators in the article below. They will be useful to you!

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What is iOS emulator?

iOS emulators are virtual programs that create the iOS operating system environment on another operating system such as Android or PC. For example when the emulator Iphone for Windows (computer) then once installed it will create an iOS environment on Windows and now your computer can run iOS applications.

What is iOS emulator?

Top 3 best iOS emulators on PC


iPadian is software Top rated of all emulators ever. The reason is that it is present in most popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux. Although its disadvantage is that it takes a long time to install the software, but this software runs quite stable with a beautiful interface and can be customized easily.

Top 3 best iOS emulators on PC

MobiOne Studio

This is a software exclusively for application developers mobile. With this software, you will have a free trial of this software for 15 days, if you really like this application, you can pay to continue using it.

Top 3 best iOS emulators on PC

Air iPhone Emulator

With this software, you can do all the things like make calls, send voice messages, add contacts and run all iOS apps on your PC. This is also a specialized iOS emulator for iOS application developers.

Top 3 best iOS emulators on PC

Top 3 best iOS emulators on Android

iEMU Apple Emulator

This is one of the best iOS emulators available today. The software is available on many websites and they allow you to download it completely for free and very easily. On the IEMU platform, you can easily run any iOS app with your Android device.


The IOSEmus emulator is currently the most commonly used and most popular one that supports running iOS applications. The software possesses many outstanding features such as:

  • Run iOS apps and games smoothly, flawlessly.
  • Supports low profile Android phone devices.
  • The software only requires Android operating system version 4.0 or higher.

You download here!


Cider iOS can be a great choice for you when you want to emulate iOS on Android because it provides users with the features to run any iOS application or game with an extremely smooth, realistic and easy-to-use experience. useful.

You download here!


Above are all the software that support iOS emulators on both Android and PC that TipsMake.com offers you. Hopefully with the above article, you will find your sincere emulator software. If you find this article useful, please share it with your family and friends!


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