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Bring pretty much you desire copy files to iphone without using itunes. As you know, using iTunes consumes a lot of data on the device. Not counting that the implementation method is also quite tedious and time consuming.

Therefore in this article will help you to find 3 apps Support transferring files from computer to iPhone extremely quickly.

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Copy files to iphone without using itunes with Waltr 2

With this application you can copy files from computer to iPhone without using iTunes very quickly with just drag and drop mouse. Proceed as follows:

First you need to download the program on its Web site by hyperlink ( This program is currently fee-based. If you want to use it for a long time, you can find cracked or paid versions.


However, Waltr 2 has a trial version for 24 hours. In this article you will be guided on how to install this trial version:

  • Go to the hyperlink and buy the Requests Trial.


  • Enter your email and find the Request Path.


  • Go to the registered email to get the program code provided. That completes the installation step.



  • Open the program and connect the device to copy data through the cable.


  • Drag and drop the files to be copied into Waltr 2. The copy happens quite quickly when compared to iTunes or iTool a lot.



This is also a useful application to copy files to iPhone without using iTunes. With iTunes you can only copy files in the form of images and videos. Other files like Doc, XLS, and PDF are folded. Documen will be your lifeline in this situation. Proceed as follows:

  • First of all, you need to download the application to Iphone in the Appstore.
  • After downloading, connect to your computer and then open iTunes and go to Apps->Paperwork.


  • Shop Add and buy the files to copy.


  • To review the copied files, go to Paperwork -> iTunes Recordsdata.


  • You can also perform other operations with the downloaded file in the Edit section in the upper right corner.


PlayerXtreme Media Participant

The last app we introduced to our buyers was called PlayerXtreme Media Participant. Just reading the name, we already know it will help you copy media files to iPhone without iTunes, right? The steps are as follows:

  • On the application interface, go to Network -> From Browser. The application then provides you with an IP address or host to access computer browsers.


  • Access the IP address obtained on the computer. Then go to Drop file add or click on.


  • You find the files to copy and click Open (or drag and drop).


  • Completing this step, your iPhone will immediately receive the copied files. Mp3 or video files are smoothly transferred by PlayerXtreme Media Participant.


  • Then you access the Library section on the application to review the files you have just manipulated. If you want to customize some things, click the 3 dot button in the upper right corner.


  • If you want to delete or rename the downloaded file, clicking on the file will appear support commands.


  • Especially, this application also allows you to manage the existing folders of the device. You just need to click on the Iphone section on the application to appear many different folders.


Above is the share how to copy files to Iphone without using Itunes. If you have any questions, please help A-Sensible Leave a comment below.

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