How to check if the old iPhone when buying has any errors, fixed or not?

Checking the old iPhone at the time of purchase is very easy, if you do not have to be a ‘worker’ to take it apart, there are still ways to see if the money is worth it.

1. Check appearance

First of all, you need to check if the edges of the screen with signs of ‘channeling’ are chipped or scratched. Because for a while with this sign, it is highly likely that the device has been replaced by the screen or has been subjected to strong external forces.

Next is the frame. Except for iPhone 5c with plastic frame and iPhone 8 and above models with glass back, see if the metal frame of the device is dented, oxidized a lot and still has the inner diaphragm.

Check your old iPhone when you buy it

For models with water resistance, the SIM tray will have a rubber gasket, however, if you buy an old device, you should not put too much emphasis on this issue.

A few other factors include physical keys pressed with loose ko. Right volume mute switch with vibration when pushed down.

2. Screen

First of all, try to set the wallpaper of the device to black to see the screen with light leaks. Next is the white screen with smudges or whether there is an ‘negative’ phenomenon.

Sound is a condition where the screen will save the images you are operating, especially when using the device for a long time and getting hot.

How to check if the old iPhone when buying has any errors, fixed or not?

For devices with 3D Contact, try pressing hard on each application to see if there is any error. Please note in this section, not all applications will display the quick action menu, so if that doesn’t work, please switch another application there to try again.

3. Software

This step is extremely important to check if your device has a Lock device or not. When you have bought a device with a beautiful appearance, please Restore the factory settings and activate it with SIM, if possible, the device will receive the SIM immediately, if not, it will be a Lock device. Proceed as follows:

  1. Enter Setting
  2. Click General settings
  3. Scroll down and shop Set again
  4. Search in Erase All Content & Settings

The JP/A version is for the Japanese market and most of them are Lock machines. Therefore, you should not take these samples. Some other versions like LL/A (US), KH/A (Korea), … also with Lock, so please do the above to check.

Next, let’s see how much iOS the machine is running, if it is from iOS 11 or higher version, the new processing machines will always have warranty information inside the section. Introduce.

Check your old iPhone when you buy it

Or not, you can get the Serial number or IMEI of your iPhone and then visit to check the device’s warranty.

  • How to check your iPhone serial

4. Hardware

Try turning on the camera and doing all it can to see if there are any errors, such as switching between modes (video, panorama, front digicam, …).

Make a call to check the quality of the speakerphone and speakerphone, if it is noisy, you should switch to another phone.

Check your old iPhone when you buy it

Regarding the sensors, try opening the compass app to check the navigation (compass sensor). Use your finger to cover the sensors located next to the speakerphone to see if the screen is turned off when making a call (proximity sensor)

For the battery, click on the line Battery status See how many percentages are left. If below 80%, you should replace the battery with a new one.

5. Extra Features

Some connections on the device such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G, Airdrop, don’t forget to check before buying, of course, the signal when making calls.

Check your old iPhone when you buy it

For iPhones with fingerprint or Face ID, create them at the place of purchase to see if they work.

6. General testing in software

This is the easiest step and you need to connect your iPhone to your computer to perform, the software you need to download is 3UTools.

This software will help you check all the parameters on the machine, including whether it has been interfered with, replaced and repaired or not. It should be noted that the software test is for reference only, not all are authentic, but its reliability is over 85%.

Download 3UTools software here:

Steps to check iPhone when buying old with 3UTools:

  1. Open 3UTools software
  2. Connect iPhone with 3UTools
  3. Accept on iPhone and computer to connect the two devices together
  4. Click here today View Verification Report

Check your old iPhone when you buy it

From here, you can see the lines on the software appear, each line will represent a piece of hardware on the machine, such as battery, screen, major, etc. If in the Consequence column, write Regular, ie not yet replaced. fix / if perhaps Change is changed / The right way to Jugde? is difficult to determine, but usually does not change.

Check your old iPhone when you buy it

As you can see in the image above, it is true that I changed the battery just a few days ago, that’s why the words Battery perhaps change appeared.

If you check that the machine hasn’t fixed anything, it’s good, but if you check that it has changed the digicam, screen, … (important components related to the experience, it’s best not to buy).

7. What not to do when buying an old iPhone

With machines with water resistance support, you should not expect anything from this feature because there is no guarantee that your device is intact. Therefore, you should not use “blow” on the edge of the machine because it is very unhygienic, moreover it does not prove anything as the “on-line workers” tell.

8. Remember to ask about warranty and benefits

When deciding to buy an old iPhone, remember to ask about the warranty of the device and the accompanying accessories (included or must be purchased).

That’s it, that’s the easiest thing you can do to check your old iPhone at the time of purchase. With any questions or contributions, please comment below and don’t forget to follow Hoang Ha Cellular to update interesting scientific news.

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