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first.Does Vietcombank offer installment loans?

To provide maximum support to users, most banks deploy loan programs. Installment loans are very popular, many customers are interested in learning and participating.

Vietcombank is one of the banks that provides effective installment loan solutions with many advantages.

Loan products at Vietcombank

Currently, Vietcombank has many loan packages to meet the diverse needs of customers. Specifically as:

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+ Consumer loans: Loans to pledge valuable papers, unsecured loans for employees, and consumer loans secured by assets.

+ Loans to buy real estate: Loans to buy houses for projects, loans to build houses, loans to buy real estate.

+ Loan to buy a car

+ Loan for production and business: Business of fortune, peace of mind in business, lending for investment in accommodation facilities.

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Basically, they can be classified into 2 types as mortgage loans and unsecured loans. Vietcombank’s loan packages received many positive reviews. Specifically: simple procedures, fast disbursement, competitive and stable interest rates.

Especially because Vietcombank is a large and reputable commercial bank in Vietnam, we will feel more secure when borrowing here than in many other places.

2.Borrow money via Internet Banking Vietcombank

Cach vay tien qua the va Internet Banking Vietcombank Uu dai lai thap nhat min

Many customers want to know specifically how to borrow money from Vietcombank online. Specifically, here is a loan through the online banking system Internet Banking Vietcombank.

Can I borrow money via Internet Banking Vietcombank?

Some banks allow users to make loans online on phones and computers. However, for reasons of security and absolute security, Vietcombank has not yet deployed to support this service.

Customers who want to borrow money at Vietcombank need to go directly to the office. The network of branches and transaction offices of Vietcombank is very crowded throughout the provinces. So you are very easy to access loan opportunities.

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In case you want to be more convenient, you can refer to some forms borrow money online transfer to meet your current spending needs. Such as how to borrow money from FE Credit or borrow money just need ID card, phone number, …

Conditions for borrowing money from Vietcombank via Internet Banking

Because Vietcombank does not support borrowing money via Internet Banking, you must go to the bank directly. So let’s take a look at Vietcombank’s loan conditions in general:

  • Individuals aged 18 – 55 years old (female) or 18 – 60 years old (male)
  • Have a stable income with a minimum monthly salary of 3 million VND/month
  • Provide a valid identification document (ID/CCCD/Passport)
  • Individuals who have opened an account at Vietcombank
  • Using the phone number registered with the official telecommunications network

Along with the loan conditions, Vietcombank also requires a number of documents in the loan application. These include:

  • Papers proving the capital use plan (sample taken at the bank)
  • Identity document, household registration or KT3, marriage certificate or single certificate
  • Documents proving personal income (labor contract, payroll/account statement)

Vietcombank does not require collateral property records. Regulations may change from time to time and you should update it.

Interest rates for loans via Internet Banking Vietcombank

As you know, Vietcombank does not support online banking loans. Therefore, we have to go to the bank counter to apply for a loan. According to updated information, current interest rates for basic loan packages are as follows:

TenorTimeInterest rate
12 months or lessfirst 6 months6.79%
12 – 24 monthsfirst 6 months6.99%
Over 24 monthsThe first 12 months7.29%

Information on loan interest rates may also change from time to time. If you really need to find out about loans, please contact the bank to know exactly. Or you can refer to more articles on interest rates of

3.Borrow money via Vietcombank card 2022

In addition to borrowing money through Internet Banking Vietcombank, many customers also want to know how Borrow money via Vietcombank card how.

What is a loan via Vietcombank card?

Like most banks, Vietcombank supports a variety of loan products. Mortgage loans here have simple procedures and do not require too much paperwork.

Loan package via ATM card applies to customers who already own Vietcombank bank account. Besides, their income must meet from 3 million or more/month. After proving your finances and meeting a few more conditions, you can apply for a loan.

Forms of borrowing money via Vietcombank ATM card

Vietcombank deploys 2 forms of borrowing money via bank cards. You do not need to prove collateral, you can still participate in the following specific loan packages:

1/ Borrow money via Vietcombank credit card

This is a type of loan where users advance cash to spend and then pay in the statement period. With this method, you can withdraw money at ATM or swipe your card when shopping directly. All procedures are very quick and not complicated.

Conditions and how to apply for Vietcombank Online visa card immediately

However, there are some limitations to borrowing money via credit card. The first is that the maximum spending limit is limited. The amount in the limit depends on the card class and registration of the customer.

At the same time, the interest rate and loan fee when you advance money via credit card will be quite high. Usually Vietcombank as well as banks do not encourage their card users to withdraw cash from credit cards.

Because of the high fees and interest rates, it will further affect personal credit scores later on. Therefore, you should consider before deciding to borrow a certain amount from your credit ATM card.

2/ Unsecured loan according to Vietcombank transfer salary

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This loan applies to customers who can prove their income with monthly salary transferred to Vietcombank bank account.

The form of unsecured loans according to salary is quite popular because of its many advantages. Simple loan application process, quick and reputable disbursement. The interest rate is calculated according to the gradually decreasing balance, creating favorable conditions for borrowers.

This type of loan also does not require you to have collateral. You can borrow up to VND 500 million at Vietcombank with a term of up to 60 months. Interest rate on unsecured loan package according to Vietcombank’s salary transfer is said to be quite attractive.

Advantages and disadvantages of borrowing money via ATM card

Form of borrowing money through Vietcombank bank card What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s take a look at a few bullet points below.

+ Advantages:

  • Quick registration, simple procedure, no cumbersome requirements
  • Competitive interest rates compared to the general market, interest calculated on a gradually decreasing balance
  • Loan conditions are quite easy, no collateral or guarantee is required
  • Dossier is approved quickly if conforming to regulations, disbursed within 2 days at the latest
  • Payment in many flexible and easy ways for customers to borrow money from Vietcombank

+ Disadvantages:

  • The loan does not support bad debt, attention debt
  • If the borrower does not pay the loan on time, there will be a high penalty fee

You should consider your ability to pay to proceed with loans. Make sure you can pay in full and on time to the bank.

4.Borrow money from Vietcombank without a card

If the customer has not make a Vietcombank ATM card Can I get a loan from this bank? This is also a question many people are wondering.

In fact, Vietcombank’s loan products are applicable to customers who already have an account at this bank. In particular, the unsecured loan package according to the salary of Vietcombank transfer will definitely require you to own a Vietcombank ATM card to receive your monthly salary.

Borrowing money from Vietcombank at the counter also supports customers with Vietcombank account. However, with this form, you may already have an account but do not open the card according to the initial request. Please contact Vietcombank to update the latest regulations from time to time.

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Through this we also understand more about how Borrow money via card and Internet Banking Vietcombank is how. You should choose carefully to decide on a loan package that suits your needs and ability to pay. This is very important in securing your credit, avoiding trouble later.

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