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Unlike other antivirus software vendor, Kaspersky has chosen a different path for himself that is the fact that they do not need to provide free copies to users. That the purpose of providing free copies is to introduce features, market expansion as well as entice users. But the reputation, the prestige associated with a large customer base (more than 400 million computers are in use), the Kaspersky probably not need to provide free copies are still singing. However, there is a new message that you want to inform you that Kaspersky famous recently launched the Free Kaspersky Antivirus for users, but it only provides the Russian only, so that it will make it difficult for many people. But okay, in this article I will provide detailed guidance for the way you change the language to Russian into English for you to use more convenient.

How to download Kaspersky Antivirus Free?

First you though access to this site to download: Link here. Or click here to download the direct link.

Then you pull down and download the Free version to use Kaspersky. The website interface is the best Russian language, but I’ll Google translated into more pleasing offline ?


The main feature of Kaspersky Free

Looking at the feature comparison table above, then you have to understand and correct the problem, in this free version it has been pretty much limited features compared to paid version. However, it still meets the basic needs to help your computer against malicious software spread risk from the internet.

  • Protection against malware and prevents access to malicious websites.
  • feature is automatically updated to the latest version.
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Temporary is like, but I think that when the official launch and delivery across multiple countries, they will offer a few more features.

Instructions for installing Kaspersky Free

Requires an internet connection to install decent of you, run the downloaded file and then choose what the word on something like the image below.


Agree with their terms of use.


The download installation in progress, please wait. As you can see in the picture below, the size of the files that we download is 153MB so fast or slow, it depends on the speed of your internet.


Continue as shown below.


Okey! This time there will be two options for you:

  1. Upgrade protection: This function helps you to upgrade to a more advanced version that is Kaspersky Internet Security. And of course you have to spend money to buy and upgrade key. However you can use this key to activate the use of in 91 days (equivalent to 3 months): 25N3S-JKMS4-TTYKC-AKGMT
  2. Activate application: Means enable the free version (which we need)

Note: The figure below is when you have switched the language to English and then, even if you set up one after guiding his side on the steps Kaspersky your interface is still known NGA offline. Photographed by his English interface for ease of guidance only, speaking to you from the questions. OK!


OK! here you will proceed to activate the free version of Kaspersky, which means I’ll choose Activate application . But ….

Activating Free Kaspersky in Vietnam

Like I said above, the current version of Kaspersky Free 2 only provides water that is NGA and Ukraine. Therefore, we will fail and can not be activated, as shown below. So how to solve this problem?

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Step 1: Click on the gear icon to enter Settings for installation.


Step 2: Follow the steps shown below to disable its protection goes.


Step 3: Clear the check box in this line.


A warning appears, click on the option as shown below to agree.


Step 4: Change Proxy Russia.

To this end you visit this address. Then select a proxy of Russia ( Russia )


Step 5: Fake IP to country NGA ( Russia ) or Ukraine

To Fake IP, there are a lot of ways, but in this article I will use Hotspot Shield software offline. Please install and do as shown below.


Step 6: After successful IP Fake you open the Kaspersky Free and click the option License is missing (place your remains offline Russian.)


Activation successful, you have 365 days to use, as this is the free version so after the 365 days it will automatically trigger additional 1 year of use anymore.


Kaspersky Free Change language into English

Step 1: Right-click on the icon Kaspersky in the Taskbar and select the last line to Exit .


Step 2: Set the language

– How to do it fast, you have made available to you, just download the file and then unzip, double click on the file corresponds to Windows to apply the finish.

Note: The download file is a file 2 x86kasperskyfree.reg (corresponding to the Windows 32bit) and x64kasperskyfree.reg ( corresponding to the Windows 64bit). If you do not know the computer running win 32bit or 64bit win then revisit it this article.

– How to do it manually, if you prefer not to use ready-made file or is otherwise effective.

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Click Windows + R to open the Run dialog box, and then press the regedit and enter


The interface of the Registry Editor appears.


+ For Windows 32bit, you find under the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE KasperskyLab AVP16.0.0 environment

+ for Windows 64-bit, you find under the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Wow6432Node KasperskyL ab AVP16.0.0 environment

Then you change the necessary parameters such as:

  • Localization: en
  • LocalizationAuto: 0
  • LocalizationList: en
  • Ins_localization: en

Step 3: Restart the moment Kaspersy Free and interface has been changed to English completely got you.


Step 4: Now, you just reset everything as default time, which was to protect you turn off, turn off the fake ip software or if you do not use, you can uninstall the software that out of the computer and remove the Russian proxy you set in step on travel by checking the option Autoatically detect proxy settings sever is finished.


Step 5: Done! Enjoy the fruits ?


That is all instructions on the use of the software Kaspersky Free in Vietnam and how to convert Russian language into English for ease of use. Free Kaspersy really a “blockbuster” of 2016, if you do not have the means to buy the rights to the expensive antivirus software Kaspersky free then this probably is the best choice for your first time present.

Hopefully useful article for you, wish you success!

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