Download Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Pro 8 for free – Easy-to-use disk encryption software to secure important data on your computer.

Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Pro software overview Disk encryption:

Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Pro is an easy-to-use disk encryption software to secure important data on your computer. The software is fully compatible with windows 7 to windows 10 versions. Disk encryption process is very simple, just right-click on the drive to be protected an encryption wizard will be launched, instructing you throughout the rest of the process.


Once a drive has been encrypted, you can unlock it at any time by providing the correct password, and you can also change the key without re-encrypting everything.

But also a small note, Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere is not capable of encrypting the drives currently in use, which means you won’t be able to secure the partition where Windows is installed.

Features on Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Pro

  • Disk encryption is quick and easy.
  • Password safe protection
  • Anti-theft, backup data on unauthorized drives
  • Prevent threats.
  • Simple interface, detailed coding instructions.

We provide 3 versions: Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Enterprise, Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Professional, Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Technician. Please choose the version that suits your needs.

Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Pro 6.1 + Enterprise + Technician update content:

– Improved encryption and decryption logs to keep data safe.


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