Halo Infinite’s second season is well underway, but the changes in Lone Wolves weren’t all good. Speedrunners weren’t happy with the removal of some issues, and Battle Pass changes made some challenges harder for some players to complete. As we just learned, some of these issues will be fixed with the next game update.

There aren’t any proper patch notes for the next update, but Senior Community Manager John Junyszek gave us an overview of the Halo Waypoint Forums. A fix was a long time coming: “Gun jamming,” which disrupts the rate of fire from semi-automatic weapons, has been plaguing the community for some time. “We were able to identify the root cause of the problem,” says Junyszek. Jamming should stop interfering with campaign missions and multiplayer matches with the next update.

That’s not the only change to multiplayer, either. Aquarius, Bazaar, Live Fire, and Streets once had skill jumps – advanced techniques that experienced players could use to quickly climb parts of the map. Some of them were controversially removed from all four maps, but they will be restored in the update. While it’s important to 343 to balance these skill jumps, it also encourages the community to find even more as they play. Perhaps the new Season 2 maps have undiscovered routes themselves.

Finally (and especially for many players), Junyszek’s post promises the restoration of the Scorpion Gun glitch, a sonic speedrun strategy that many lamented was lost in a previous patch. This wasn’t the only speedrun issue removed, but many of them “are much more complicated” to simply bring back. The team “will continue to explore [its] options” whatever.

The future update will also include some stability and balancing fixes. It doesn’t have a release date set at this time, but 343 will “share more about the release schedule in the coming days.”

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