Gravis Finance x T01: Launch of NFT T01 collection integrated into Evervoid’s Metaverse multiverse

GameFi with its unceasing boom has become one of the most searched keywords in 2021. The combination of NFT and Game brings a lot of value to players not only in terms of entertainment but also allowing they earn extra income (play-to-earn) and convert in-game items into tradable assets at any time!

In 2022, with Game Evervoid integrated with Metaverse, Gravis and Team T01 prepare to launch the latest NFT collection, which promises to sweep the global GameFi market.

Gravis Finance Ecosystem

Gravis Finance is a sustainable Gamified DeFi ecosystem with 3 key features: Multi-chain DEX (Gswap), Cross-chain NFT Marketplace (Gmart) and Evervoid Play-to-Earn game. The Gravis Finance ecosystem consists of simple, user-friendly and easy-to-use products so that investors can participate in daily profits in the DeFi market, using the most transparent mechanisms built on the platform. Blockchain platform.

Gravis is also known as a community-driven project, famous for its Evervoid Game, simply understood as “Game according to the multiverse version, Star wars Metaverse version”. Evervoid is an integral part of the Gravis ecosystem.

What is Evervoid Game?

Evervoid will take you into a vast cosmic empire with lots of asteroids. The game simulates a futuristic universe where the characters Captain (Captains) use their spacecraft to explore and exploit asteroids across the galaxy, while fighting to win the wars across the universe. pillar. With Evervoid, players can create more gameplay mechanics, form their own alliances, launch secret tools or crates, and even own planets, setting up a whole new world in the system. multiverse (metauniverse) by Gravis Finance.

In 2022, Gravis’ Evervoid is expected to cooperate with many other NFTs to open new chapters in the game, update new gameplay, quests and generous rewards for users. In particular, Evervoid will combine with Cross-chain NFT marketplace to be able to exchange, buy and sell NFT items of many different games in the same market.

With the above features, the future of a multi-platform universe, multi-character, compelling storyline, new updated missions every day is gradually becoming a reality. Evervoid is becoming a more sustainable platform over time, not just a “phenomenon”, a short-term “trend”.

Captain and Ship Collection in Evervoid


At the beginning of the game, the player is allowed to choose 1 of 3 captain characters (captain). After choosing a captain, the player can assemble warships and farm tokens on asteroids.

To celebrate the launch of Game Evervoid, Gravis has released the captains NFT collection. Captains are allowed to farm GRVS tokens – the game’s rare governance token in limited quantities. Currently, owning captains is the only way to get GRVS tokens. The Captain collection is currently sold out, and can be purchased again on Gmart.


If there was a captain, then there would certainly be warships for the captain to command. The spaceships in the Evervoid Game are equipped with additional items to increase the ability to mine tokens. From Keelback to Harvester, Mining Barge, Star Fort and Leviathan, these spacecraft come in different shapes and properties, as well as different mining abilities.

All items that will be related to your spaceship, including the ship, ship skins, spare parts and additional equipment, can be purchased on Gmart.

Readers can find out more detailed information about Gravis Finance here.

T01 special collection coming soon

In 2022, Gravis partnered with Team T01 to launch a collection of T01 NFTs consisting of 10101 super-powered robotic warriors, built as a faction against captains. The information surrounding the collection is storming the GameFi community and promises to sweep the market next year!

In Q1 2022, T01’s brand new NFT collection consisting of more than 10101 robot warriors will be released!

Inspired by the sci-fi world and art scene in the chaotic post-apocalypse, robot warriors have beautiful graphics but no less fierce. The graphics of NFTs T01 are a combination of favorite sci-fi series, so the robot skin has a familiar patina layer like in sci-fi movies. You can refer to the existing robot models in the video below.

In particular, the T01 corps will be released on Blockchain BSC and information about the first sale will be announced later.

Special features of NFT T01

Each NFT T01 is unique, has a distinct shape and strength, and is crafted from 130 different puzzle pieces.

The NFT T01 features diverse features on the Everoid platform. They are not only used as rewards or in special events, such as Gmart integration, but the robots themselves are capable of fighting in the galaxy, with fighting mechanics to correct errors or even “spawn” under certain conditions.

In the future, T01 NFTs are expected to be integrated into Evervoid – an NFT-based yield farming game that allows players to participate in different quests, build their own legions, and even build empires galaxy regime.

Gravis x T01 promises to soon release new resources around the T01 robot, namely GenX’s Main Principles development and even the construction of the Spacecraft – which is expected in mid-2022. Besides, T01 intends to develop both PVP and launch Battle Royale before the end of this year.

Freemint Chance 1000 NFTs T01

Importantly, this release gives you a rare freemint opportunity in the community: T01’s first 1,000 NFTs can be minted ABSOLUTELY FREE – with a limit of 1 NFT per wallet. In particular, it will only take 5 minutes to follow the instructions to have an extra chance to win a valuable Public Sales Whitelist

Attend at:

Detailed instructions to join Freemint:


This cooperation between T01 and Gravis Finance has created an important turning point in the development of Gmart, promising to bring many top-notch experiences to users!

This wave of community support and interest in this platform is further cementing Gmart’s position as the ‘Steam of GameFi’. Gmart’s goal is to merge NFT games, just like spaceships are merged at a space station in the galaxy. This allows users to trade the majority of NFTs on even more platforms.

Evervoid P2E game, and especially NFT T01 collection will bring a lot of value to attendees, are you ready to join?

Update information about the Gravis project at:

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