It’s been over a year since Google revealed at its I/O event that some fascinating new tools for the mobile search were on the way, including the option to remove the previous 15 minutes of your search history. The tech giant released that critical feature for iOS shortly after I/O, and it’s now making its way to Android.

It is really a piece of great news for Android users as besides having a great choice of the time range to delete search history, they will now also have the ability to delete the last 15 minutes of search history too.

Google Android app’s latest update reveals that users can now delete last 15 minutes of their search history

Mishaal Rahman, the former editor-in-chief of XDA, received word that the new delete option was accessible, and The Verge confirmed that it is. A Google official told The Verge that the feature is really coming out and that everyone who uses the app can expect it “in the next several weeks.”

Google had planned to make the functionality accessible on Android by the end of last year, but the corporation clearly missed the deadline.

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The next question that many people may have is whether or not this will be connected with desktop search. The May I/O event simply said that it will be available on more than one platform. At the present, a world in which we can remove 15 minutes of searches regardless of the gadget we’re using is still a long way off.

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