Get free Sentre (SNTR) from trading competition on is currently running a Sentre trading contest – SNTR. The event will start at 04:00 PM on December 25, 2021 to 04:00 PM on January 1, 2022 (Vietnam time). With a reward of 14,000 USD for users participating in SNTR trading.

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Trading competition time: 04:00 PM on December 25, 2021 to 04:00 PM on January 1, 2022 (Vietnam time).


Activity 1: Trade SNTR to share 239,600 SNTR bonus pool (approximately 10,000 USD)

The 200 users with the largest trading volume will receive 10,000 USD.

  • Top 1: 14,400 SNTR (about 600 USD)
  • Top 2: 12,000 SNTR (about 500 USD)
  • Top 3: 9,600 SNTR (about 400 USD)
  • Top 200: will share the remaining 203,600 SNTR (about 8,500 USD) based on respective trading volume.


  • The rewards from 4th to 200th place are capped at 9,600 SNTR.
  • The trading volume of the participants will not be less than 19,200 SNTR (about 800 USD)

Activity 2: The first 500 people who deposit SNTR will receive an Airdrop of 47,900 SNTR (about 2,000 USD)

On a first come, first served basis. Participants need to deposit at least 9,600 SNTR (about 400 USD).

Submit SNTR here:

Activity 3: Airdrop for new users 1,500 USD

New users who sign up for a account and complete any number of valid transactions can get 240 SNTR each (about 10 USD).

Prize pool of 36,000 SNTR (approximately 1,500 USD), first come, first served.

* Fill in the following Form to receive the Airdrop:

Activity 4: 500 SNTR for Twitter Giveaway

From now on, will start a Twitter Giveaway event worth 12,000 SNTR (500 USD) for 7 days. User need to complete tasks and get chance to draw lucky draw. After the event, will announce 50 people and give away 240 SNTR (10 USD) each.

Contest rules

  • The earlier a user joins a trade, the higher the trading volume. Trading volume is calculated as (buy volume + sell volume) x (time bonus multiplier) (doesn’t count the same user buying and selling, please don’t cheat trading volume). The bonus multiplier will change over time from 1.2x at the beginning of the campaign to 1.0x at the end of the campaign, decreasing linearly over time.
  • Due to different trading costs for different VIP levels, to keep the competition fair, trading volume will be eliminated by multiplying (actual commission / VIP10 commission) by the commission spread user transactions.
  • Due to the difference in transaction costs for the referrer reward, to keep the competition fair, the trading volume will be normalized both with and without a referrer to eliminate the difference in user cost.


  • The reward will be distributed within 7 working days after the end of the campaign, users can view this reward at “My Finance” – “Billings”.
  • Each person is only allowed to register once (KYC is required). Sub and main accounts will be considered the same account upon joining.
  • To protect the rights of all users and ensure fairness, the platform will destroy the above information for malicious acts carried out during this time, including malicious transaction manipulation, mass registrations illegal accounts, self-handling…

About Sentre

Sentre is an “open liquidity” protocol built on the Solana ecosystem with the aim of improving liquidity efficiency and trying to minimize loss, helping to integrate selected DApps on Sen OS and integrate effectively accumulate liquidity through SenSwap, thereby becoming a safe space for DApp developers as well as users.

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