Genshin Impact: The Chinese mage returns, enchanting Ayato to jump for 7 unexpected damage

Only a few days out, the Chinese Genshin Impact mages have returned and pushed Ayato’s damage up to over 1 million water damage with the most ideal conditions for this guy.
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According to the video from account Doujin xiaoshi776, this Chinese Mage’s Ayato may be the first to hit the 1 million+ damage milestone since Ayato’s debut to date. More specifically, the damage that Ayato deals is 1264431 against the Perpetual Engine Model Boss.

According to the video, Ayato’s stats are quite surprising (with extra food, of course) as follows:
Attack: 2667
Critical Rate: 39.8%
Critical Damage: 367%
Ayato Destiny 6
Weapon: Fog Night Light C5
Skill Level: 6 – 11 – 10
Relic: 2 Gladiators + 2 Waters
In addition, other secondary characters are also fairly basic buffs including Bennett and Kazuha to push the damage to the highest level. In the clip, the sorcerer also only uses Klee to add Fire damage to the boss so that Ayato deals more accurate Evaporation damage. The result is a broken 7-digit jump that is quite eye-catching like the clip.

According to the current lineup, it seems that the Evaporation squad still deals the most damage with Ayato. In addition, Induction teams only give steady damage, but cannot explode or bombard like the textbook team above. Let’s wait and see if there are professors or magicians who can nuke dame higher like the above great god in the near future.

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