Genshin Impact player spent 18 hours taking a cat across the sea through Inazuma

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In a unique open world like Genshin Impact, gamers can really do anything, even the craziest things.

For Genshin Impact gamers, the most boring time will usually be 1-2 weeks before the new update is officially released. This is the time when most players have completed all the events in the old version and start waiting for information to leak about the upcoming version.


However, due to the impact of the pandemic outbreak, update 2.7 was delayed by at least 3 weeks. And while waiting for the next official announcement from miHoYo, many Genshin Impact gamers have had to come up with different entertainment activities to pass the time.


Most recently, a gamer with the nickname “无知de王” challenged himself to lead his pet on a cross-country adventure across the continent of Teyvat. And in a recently posted video, this guy made the whole community admire his patience when he brought his cat from Monstadt across the sea to the island nation of Inazuma.


To do this, 无知de王 used two Wind-type characters Jean and Kazuha to pull the cat in the direction he wanted. After reaching the shore, the player used Kaeya’s elemental skill “Snow Assault” to build an ice bridge across the great sea.


Finally, after 18 hours of perseverance, 无知de王 succeeded in bringing his cat to Inazuma.


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