Genshin Impact: Instructions on how to quickly level Favorites for “waifu” and “husbando”

In Genshin Impact, each character has 10 levels of Favorites, and each level up will unlock something new. In this article, Sforum will show you how to level up Favorites in Genshin Impact with maximum efficiency, helping you reach Favorites 10 in less than 3 weeks!

There are many reasons why you would want to level up Favorites in Genshin Impact – some gamers put their characters on Favorite 10… and retire… while others want to get the nameplate of “waifu” as fast as possible. Some veteran gamers have nothing left to do and switch to raising Favorites for all characters, others want to unlock their stories, etc.

No matter what you want to level up your Favorites, this article will show you how to collect all your Favorites quickly. If you diligently do all the measures given by Sforum here, your character will level up to Favorite 10 in less than 3 weeks without spending a dime.

Warm Tran Ca

Over time, Tran Ca Kettle will accumulate Love Points (called cave gifts) and the higher the level, the faster the accumulation. You can pour this all into all the characters present in the pot – don’t worry about having multiple characters in the pot as the experience is not split, but all enjoy the same amount of experience.

Besides, don’t forget to use Tien Dong Tien you accumulate in Tran Ca Kettle to buy Moment Plastic. Each resin point equates to around 1 favorite point depending on how you use it – a world boss that costs 60 resins gives 30-45 favorite points, while weekly bosses like Childe, Signora,… give 55-70 points . However, do not rush to use Moment Plastic, we will show you how to use it better in the next part of the article.

Play co-op to level up Favorites

When the game first came out, playing co-op was not beneficial for those looking to level up Favorites in Genshin Impact, but this is no longer the case. When playing co-op, the Favorite Points that gamers receive will be doubled, so if you want to earn points, the most profitable way is to find a friend, 2 people together to play game features that allow co- op of the game.

Specifically, you can play sub or weekly bosses like Andrius, Childe, Azhdaha, Signora in co-op mode to get double the amount of Love Points we mentioned above. Particularly Dvalin does not allow co-op so you can only do it alone.

Also don’t forget to drag one more person into the secret scene with you, because the x2 point feature is also applied in the secret scenes of skill books, holy relics. This is when you should use Moment Plastic to increase the leveling speed, although not much faster.

In particular, a “single move” that few people know is that you can completely co-op to earn Favorite Points from Katheryne when receiving daily commission rewards. If you have two, take turns getting the trust bonus to earn Favorites from Katheryne together.

Forging Refined Minerals (weapon-enhancing materials) with Crystal Shards and plastic is also a way to earn Favorites, but this is a last resort for gamers who don’t have time to play the game. Each plastic only gives gamers 1 Favorite Point and no other rewards, much less effective than using plastic in co-op that we mentioned above.

Do the misson

4 commissions per day in Genshin Impact will give gamers 480 Favorites, which is not a small number. This is the most important source of points in the game because it doesn’t consume plastic and can be completed very quickly. However, if that’s not enough, you can spend your time plowing random events that occur on the game’s map, such as rescuing Pallad, delivering the goods to Dr. Livingstone, destroying Hilichurl’s items, etc.

Although it is called a random event, actually some events can be farmed by logging out and then logging in, it will reappear. At world level 8, you get 30 favorites for completing an event like this, up to 10 times per day.


So Sforum has guided you through all the methods to level up Favorites in Genshin Impact. When you apply all of the above methods at once (except for forging Magic Minerals), you can get your character to Favorite 10 in about 19 days without losing a penny. For comparison, normally gamers will need about a month and a half to bring a character to Favorite level 10, which is twice the time.

If you want to go even faster, you’ll need to use Raw Stones to buy plastic, but this is both expensive and inefficient, so we don’t recommend this method no matter how much you love the character.

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