Genshin Impact: Guide to build Zhongli, Yan Chen lurks

While Genshin Impact gamers all over the world are debating whether to get Xiao or Shenhe, Zhongli (and Ganyu)’s return date is fast approaching. In this article, Sforum would like to bring you detailed Zhongli build instructions, including relics, weapons, skills and other miscellaneous things. Invite you to watch!

Why play Zhongli?

In addition to being a god that gamers love to collect characters can not refuse, Zhongli is one of the most useful characters in Genshin Impact. Although not really strong at the time of launch, the pressure from Chinese gamers made the developer miHoYo to edit this character after its release (the first and only time in the game’s history for this character). up to this point). After being upgraded, Zhongli becomes a completely different character from the original design, giving gamers an extremely solid shield and some simple but useful support effects.

In fact, Zhongli’s shield is the most important reason why gamers want to shoot this character – it helps players “turn off their brains” to play without dodging, especially when playing on mobile. The comfort that Zhongli brings has caused miHoYo to find ways to nerf this character indirectly, such as the wolves that draw blood through the shield or the new monsters in patch 2.5. By the time Sforum made this Zhongli build tutorial, those monsters had already been nerfed quite a bit so they wouldn’t be too much of a threat to Zhongli as well as other Jam-type, shield-generating characters.

What can Zhongli do?

In terms of roles in the squad, Zhongli is often used in a support role, helping to buff other characters through equipment, holy relics; but there are also many gamers who use Zhongli in the role of magma or physical damage. This article will go over all the ways to build this Zhongli for you to choose easily.

zhongli thumb 1

Zhongli support

  • Advantages: Extremely powerful shield helps you feel secure to use characters like Eula, Hutao, Xiao, etc.
  • Cons: When building in this direction, Zhongli’s damage is very low, placing the burden on the remaining 3 characters in the squad.

“Q drop bot”

  • Pros: Strong AOE damage from fury.
  • Cons: Shields aren’t durable enough if you don’t have a good dodge, especially in Rooster.

DPS Nham

  • Advantages: Stable, long-lasting Jam damage.
  • Cons: Depends a lot on the position of the Nham pillar, and very much needs the 1st sign. Needs the support of another Nham character, usually the Traveler.

Physical DPS

  • Pros: Stable physical damage, extremely safe one-handed playable.
  • Cons: The damage is not really high, depends a lot on the support ability of other characters to get the Super Conduction effect.

In the above 4 builds, Zhongli always has the ability to reduce the resistance of opponents around her, but the durability of the shield is low (except for the first build). In addition, some gamers also play a mixture of Nham with physics, but you need to invest heavily in weapons and relics for Zhongli. In return, this build can provide higher damage than both Spam and physical DPS.

What weapon for Zhongli?

In most cases, the Magic Scepter is always the best weapon for Zhongli, followed by Hoa Pu Dien. Zhongli’s “brand” weapon, the Spear of the Gods, isn’t all that bad, but usually falls below both of the above and really isn’t worth shooting as both Ho Ma and Hoa Phac Dien are extremely versatile, extremely powerful on everything. spear character. Particularly in case you build Zhongli as a physical DPS, the best weapon is Luu Nguyet Cham.

zhongli weapon

If you do not have the condition to equip 5-star weapons, you can use Thuong Thien Nham, Thuong Quyet Chien, and Thuong Hac Nham. In addition, Black Spear is also very useful for Zhongli thanks to its 47% health increase effect.

Holy relic for Zhongli

There are a few different relic options available depending on how you choose to build Zhongli. In this Zhongli build guide, Sforum will give you the best options and why you should use them.

  • Thien Nham x4: Best for the familiar shield-making support style, because it both makes the shield thicker and buffs teammates for 20% more attack.
  • Tong That x4: If there is no one in the squad who can use the 4-piece Tong That set, Zhongli can bring this set. However, if possible, you should prioritize Thien Nham x4.
  • Tong That x2 + Slab x2: Good choice if you build Zhongli in the direction of Rock damage.
  • Gray White Fire x4: If you choose to build Zhongli as physical DPS or physical + Lava, this is the best choice. In particular, when farming this set, you will also receive a piece of Thien Nham, enough to build Zhongli in two different directions.

zhongli artifact

There is one point to pay attention to when choosing a watch for Zhongli. Whichever way you want to build, a simple rule of thumb is that the %HP meter will give a more durable shield, and the %attack meter will provide more damage. Ly Nham, fatal hats are the most common choices.

However, if you only need a thick shield, you can choose %HP for both the cup and the hat, but according to Sforum this will waste Zhongli’s extremely high % damage ultimate.

Things to pay attention to

Since Zhongli grows stronger with the amount of health he has, this is one of the characters you should raise to level 90 when possible, instead of staying at level 80.

Take advantage of the Nham resonance effect and bring another Nham character in the squad. Ningguang, Albedo, Travel House are very good options.

zhongli team

Depending on what you want to build Zhongli for, priority should be given to raising the corresponding skill. If you need a shield, raise your elemental skills, if you want to make a bot drop Q, raise your Rage, if you want to do physical DPS, raise your normal attack, and if you do a hybrid, then… lift all 3.

Zhongli’s par 1 is not really worth it, but if you have a par 2, your Zhongli will be welcome in co-op sessions when it can create a shield for the whole team.

Par 6 turns Zhongli into a healer, but there will be many characters… who hate this effect, such as Hutao, Xiao or characters who want to use the effect below 50% HP of the Magic Scepter.

Again, Sforum recommends that you don’t shoot the Nether God Spear even though it looks pretty good on Zhongli. This weapon is designed for the old Zhongli, not the Zhongli we have now.

genshin 2


Thus, Sforum has listed all the options you have when building Zhongli as well as things to pay attention to this character. Hope this article on how to build Zhongli has helped you in preparing to welcome Nham Than to your team. See you in the next posts.

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