Nvidia has as part of the new Security Bulletin Display Driver – May 2022 updated the graphics drivers for Windows and Linux and freed the R510, R470, R450 and R390 development branches from some serious security gaps. New drivers are now available for download for GeForce, Studio, RTX, Quadro and Tesla.

New drivers for GeForce, Studio, RTX and Tesla

Nvidia has subjected all of its relevant drivers for private and business customers to extensive product maintenance and closed a total of 12 vulnerabilities in the operating software.

The security update for the graphics drivers closes the following security gaps in Windows and Linux:

Vulnerabilities – Nvidia GPU Driver
Vulnerabilities – Nvidia GPU Software

While the security gaps on GeForce graphics cards under Windows have been closed with the current version 512.77 in the R510 development branch and enterprise accelerators of the type RTX and Quadro with version 512.78 and version 473.47 are already secured, users with Studio drivers and Tesla Graphics card to be patient until May 23, announced Nvidia.

Security updates for all development branches
Security updates for all development branches (Image: Nvidia)

The ten vulnerabilities affecting the GPU driver are distributed among the R510, R470 and R450 development branches on Windows as follows, while the 390 release is also affected on Linux.

Security updates on Windows

Security updates on Windows

Security updates on Linux

Security updates on Linux

Even users who rely on a distribution based on the free operating system kernel Linux have to wait a few more days in the case of a Tesla graphics card, while all other releases have already been updated accordingly.

Security updates for all development branches
Security updates for all development branches (Image: Nvidia)

Download on ComputerBase

As usual, all updated and error-corrected graphics drivers for Windows and Linux can be downloaded from the ComputerBase download area directly below this message.

Further information on the subject is provided by the official Product Security website from Nvidia as well as that Security Bulletin: Nvidia GPU Display Driver – May 2022.


  • Nvidia GeForce driver

    4.1 stars

    The GeForce drivers support all current Nvidia graphics cards.

    • Version 473.62 Security Update Driver, Win 7 German
    • Version 473.47 Security Update Driver German
    • +2 more
  • Nvidia Linux Display Driver

    3.2 stars

    The official Linux driver for Nvidia GeForce, Quadro and Nvidia RTX series graphics cards.

    • Version 510.73.05, Linux German
    • Version 515.43.04 Beta, Linux German
    • +3 more
  • Nvidia RTX Enterprise driver

    4.1 stars

    The driver for the professional workstation graphics card series Nvidia RTX and Quadro (RTX).

    • Release 512.78 German
    • Version 473.47 German
    • Version 496.49 NFB German
  • Nvidia Studio driver

    4.2 stars

    The Nvidia Studio Driver (Studio Driver) for GeForce graphics cards is aimed at content creators.

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