GameFi-Fun: New trend for blockchain games

The GameFi fever has changed the blood of many traditional games by giving users the opportunity to earn attractive rewards by playing games. However, too much focus on the “Fi” (Finance) factor – finance can cause games to deviate from their goal of being an entertainment tool for people.

GameFi games are very good and attractive, such as DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) – in a short time became one of the GameFi with the strongest growth rate late 2021 early 2022. However, there are only a few numbers. very few people can play, because the initial capital required is a lot. To perform the simplest activities in the game such as buying characters, gems, armor or supporting weapons, etc. to increase strength, gamers can easily burn tens of thousands of dollars, even up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. USD for some transactions. This is a huge obstacle, especially when considering the average income of Asians. Even with some other GameFi games, users have to recharge to buy items to start the game, instead of anyone can join and earn extra income by playing their favorite game.

Realizing that this situation still has many shortcomings for users, especially in terms of finance compared to traditional video games, the concept of GameFi-Fun was born. This is a new trend in the direction of completely free-to-play: Gamers do not need to invest money but can still participate in experiencing many extremely easy to understand and attractive games. Economic conditions, age as well as knowledge about Blockchain are no longer barriers in GameFi-Fun. GameFi-Fun’s goal is to provide the global gaming community with quality games, while helping them increase their income by playing their favorite games.

Recently, Mata – a company with more than 5 years of experience in developing and operating games on web and mobile platforms, has announced a plan to develop GameFi-Fun products on BHO’s blockchain platform (BHC20). Mata has developed a number of famous games such as Blades & Wings or Final Clash, possessing an impressive number of nearly 5 million players, once occupying the Top #1 position in both downloads and revenue on Google Play or AppStore. .

“In the near future, we can expect trending video games like GameFi to have a “Fun” element – ​​more entertainment, thus reaching more players.” – Mr. Duong Vi Khoa, one of the top FPS gamers in Vietnam, currently holds the position of Vice President of VIRESA – Vietnam E-Sports Entertainment Association.

It is expected that Mata’s first product will be in the Idle-One-Tap genre – a trend that is loved in the world at the moment, surpassing both MMORPG and strategy game genres. Idle-One-Tap has the main advantage of helping users get used to the game easily, even for those who rarely play games.

However, with a large number of players, expected to reach millions, the developer thinks that choosing which platform to develop the game on is very important. Previously, Vietnam had very famous Blockchain games with a large number of players, but soon had to move in the direction of developing its own network, instead of relying on big old systems like Ethereum (ERC), Binance Smart Chain (BSC) etc

Phan Duc Nhat, Co-Founder & Director of the BHO project shared: “The BHO network wishes to exploit its potential and value as a high-speed, low-cost Blockchain that is the foundation for the founders built the GameFi platform with high transaction volume.”

The year 2021 has seen the amazing growth of GameFi games. However, in order for the projects to go long and bring more value to the majority of players, in addition to meeting the entertainment needs, removing barriers to access is also considered as essential as competition. . Therefore, GameFi-Fun can be seen as one of the sustainable directions for the next stage of market development.

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