Galaxy S21 FE scores extremely high in repairability

In recent years, smartphones have become more difficult to repair due to the way they are manufactured. With modern smartphones requiring a body slim enough to appeal to users, repairability has been sacrificed. Luckily this does not happen on the Galaxy S21 FE.

Accordingly, a video “dissecting the abdomen” of Samsung’s latest Fan Edition phone has just been shared online, thereby showing that it is quite easy to repair.

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Currently, manufacturers often use a lot of glue and screws to protect the components inside their phones. That makes it difficult to repair and replace parts when necessary. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is one such example when this phone only scores 3/10 for repairability (the higher the score, the easier it is to fix).

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However, this story is completely different from the Galaxy S21 FE. Users only need a heat gun to heat the adhesive on the back of this phone to be able to easily remove the back cover from the chassis. Inside, Samsung has mostly used a modular structure for most of the components of this phone so users can easily replace them.

mo bung Galaxy S21 FE 3

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The Galaxy S21 FE mainboard and sub-board are secured in place with Philips screws. The back panel needs to be removed to replace the screen. The screen is attached to the frame with adhesive so it will also need a heat gun and pry tool to open it up.

mo bung Galaxy S21 FE 4

You can watch the video below to know the entire process of “dissecting” the Galaxy S21 FE. It received a repairability score of 7.5/10, an extremely impressive number.

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