[Fort Knight]V20.30 Battle Royale hotfix released. Air Strike Flint Knock Hunting Rifle returns from vault![Fortnite]

Epic games released the V20.30 battle royale hotfix on the official blog on May 10th. In this patch, the “Air Strike”, which shoots missile support at the point of impact, returns from the vault. also,Two types of technical weapons such as “Flint Knock Pistol” and “Hunting Rifle” have also appeared on the island.* Air strikes, flint knock pistols, hunting rifle vault release, and drop rate changes for each item are not included in the competition playlist.

together,At the funding station, we have started donations to manufacture balloons that can fly in the air, including a shield bubble that is ideal for protecting yourself from “air strikes.” Don’t miss both items as you can freely try them out in the game from May 13, 2022 (Friday) 10:00 pm to May 17, 2022 (Tuesday) 0:59 pm.

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* Quoted from the official blog below

Fortnite Battle Royale V20.30 May 10 (US Time) Hotfix: Air Strike + Tricky Items Released from Vault

Created Fortnite Team

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v20.30 May 10th (US time) hotfix to bathe from the skyAttack item,ReturnedTwo tricky items,andInflateIntroducing protective items. Click here for an overview of this hotfix:

Reinforcement from the Sky-Air Strike Releases from Vault

Fortnite air strike

Call for reinforcements! Air strikeWas released from the vault. Missiles rain at the landing point of the air strike! Air Strikes are available as treasure chests, supplies, and more. It’s also on the ground.

Tricky items released from vault

Fortnite Trickshot Unvaults

Make full use of the newly released tricky items and play with your opponent in style. From now until 9:59 pm on May 17, 2022 Japan time,Flint knock pistolFly in the sky withHunting rifleSniper with. This item is available from treasure chests, supplies, and above the ground. What’s more, during this period, the drop rate of utility items such as Shockwave Grenades that can jump high in the sky will increase!

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Ingots, bubbles and balloons

Inflate and be safe. At the funding stationShield bubblemosquitoballoonWe are accepting donations to make either!

Both are items that protect you from the enemy. Throwing a shield bubble creates a temporary dome that nullifies explosives and projectiles (including air strikes). The other balloon can be attached to you to fly in the air and move quickly.

Fortnite Shield Bubbles vs. Balloons

You can try both items in combat before releasing either of these protective items from the vault. Shield Bubbles and Balloons will be available from Friday, May 13, 2022, 10 pm to Tuesday, May 17, 2022, 0:59 pm. Find and use these two items scattered all over the island! Shortly after the end of this trial period, you can vote for your favorite items. Donate your ingot and vote at the funding station.At firstDonation rate is 100%Items that have reached the limit will immediately enter the loot pool!

Note about competition mode

  • Air strikes, tricky item vault releases, and tricky item drop rate changes are not included in the competition playlist.
  • Shield Bubble and Balloon trial periods are not available in competition playlists.

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