Fnac is selling off Philips’ small Ambilight 4K TV for less than 400 euros

If you prefer smaller screens for a secondary TV, we’ve got the right plan for you. The Philips 43PUS7906 TV is trading at a much better price thanks to a 28% discount. It is therefore found at 399.99 euros against 549.99 euros usually.

Fnac is selling off Philips' small Ambilight 4K TV for less than 400 euros
TV Philips 43PUS7906 // Source philips.fr

If the standard is now 55 and 65 inch televisions, there is not always room to accommodate one in his living room. We manage to find references that are quite honorable for their screen size. For example, the Philips 43PUS7906 compatible 4K HDR model offers good image quality, and offers good immersion thanks to the Ambilight technology it embeds. All for a relatively low price, especially with this reduction of 150 euros on its price.

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The Philips 43PUS7906 TV in a nutshell

  • A small diagonal of 43 inches
  • 4K, HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos compatible
  • Who benefits from Ambilight technology
  • And even Android TV

Usually offered at 549.99 euros, the Philips 43PUS7906 TV benefits from a 28% reduction to fall to 399.99 euros only at Fnac and Darty.

The ideal TV for small interiors

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If you are a fan of large televisions, you will have to go your way. 43-inch TVs are ideal for small interiors or small TV cabinets. In terms of the design of its TVs, Philips knows how to do it, even on the small models: there are beautiful finishes. For a small diagonal of 109 centimeters, the TV displays very thin borders, thus greatly promoting immersion when viewing your content.

Its real strength lies in its ability to make content more immersive thanks to Ambilight technology on three sides: this specialty of the manufacturer artificially gives more depth to the image thanks to a luminous halo diffused on the wall all around the television and which adapts to the colors of the program viewed. The result ? An even better immersion every day.

A beautiful image and smooth navigation

If this model does not benefit from an OLED or QLED panel, with this LCD TV you will still be able to enjoy good image quality thanks to a 4K HDR definition (3840 x 2160 pixels). It also has HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos compatibility for vast and immersive sound. For its part, the Philips P5 processor will ensure the upscaling of your content in 4K for excellent image quality in all circumstances. As for the connection, there are four HDMI ports, two USB ports and an Ethernet port.

The other great quality of the Philips TV is its operating system. Philips has chosen to bet on a perfectly fluid system: Android TV. A wise choice that gives access to the most extensive catalog of applications via the Play Store. Several hundred references are accessible in a few clicks, and in particular subscriptions to video on demand services such as Netflix, Prime Video, MyCanal or Disney+. It even integrates the Chromecast functionality to be able to broadcast content from your smartphone or tablet, without forgetting Google Assistant.

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Other references in the same format?

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