Recently in one of her livestreams, female streamer A Ling revealed her secret to losing weight, but advised fans not to follow.

For many girls today, being in shape is extremely important to them, this is even more important for female streamers. Because they have to appear in front of fans often, asking themselves to have a beautiful body, because no matter how beautiful the makeup or how attractive the clothes are, if the body is not beautiful, it still doesn’t get much. fans and did not receive the attention of netizens.

In one of her livestreams, a beautiful female streamer named A Leng shared with her fans how to have a fit figure. A Leng revealed that she herself rarely goes out because she is a virgin (who usually stays at home), she spends all her time living in her house, except for necessary times like getting things. out, and more specifically, she never exercised.


This female streamer is 1m7 tall but weighs only 40kg, when asked by many people how she herself can maintain such a figure, she replied: I myself am a person who can’t get fat even if I eat a lot. just gain weight. So many times when I want to lose weight, I will fast, eating only 1 meal a day.

A Leng also gave the reason why I don’t exercise myself is because every time you finish exercising, you think about the calories you just expended a lot, so you think you won’t get fat even if you eat. Each time you keep thinking like that, you will eat more, and then get fatter. The beautiful female streamer shared: “In short, it is best to eat less and limit movement to reduce energy consumption. This works for me, because I don’t like going out anyway.”


A Leng also reminded fans as well as those watching his stream that they should learn reasonable weight loss methods. The female streamer revealed: “Because of irregular eating, messy living hours and no exercise, I have become extremely lazy, slow, and my belly fat is still very thick.”

Having a slim figure is what every girl wants. However, many people, because of the desire to have a perfect body, despite unscientific weight loss methods, later harm their health.



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