Fan T Linh combines with Fan My Anh to “play” with Fan Hieuthuhai in terms of creating music videos for idols.

Recently, Samsung has officially introduced the next generation of Galaxy S21 FE in the Galaxy S21-series product range. As the name suggests, FE stands for “Fan Edition”, Galaxy S21 FE is a version for technology fans, especially Samsung fans. In addition, this machine is also oriented to the young user segment, promising to be one of the attractive choices of Gen Z on the occasion of the end of the New Year to Spring!


It is no coincidence that the Galaxy S21 FE is Samsung oriented towards the young user segment. This machine possesses a stylish design that stormed the Galaxy S21 generation launched early last year. Samsung took advantage of this high-end design, brought it up to the Galaxy S21 FE series, and launched extremely youthful color options such as Olive Green and Pastel Purple… to attract young users.


With Gen Z, the camera is one of the important factors that young people always put first, and this is also the bright advantage of the Galaxy S21 FE. With young idols like T Linh, My Anh and Hieuthuhai also interested in the Galaxy S21 FE, fans also have the opportunity to “play” with each other about the ability to play as well as the ability to create music for young idols. . And to do that, the camera is an important factor that cannot be ignored.


Galaxy S21 FE owns a 3 rear camera system with 12MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide and 3x 8MP zoom for you to confidently create in any situation. The device also features an Infinity-O selfie camera in front, with a high resolution of up to 32MP – higher than both the Galaxy S21 and S21+, which only have a resolution of 10MP, so that the quality of recording / taking selfies promises. will be heavily upgraded for fans.

Talking about the parameters, it seems a bit dry, the highlight of the Galaxy S21 FE in terms of software comes from the accompanying features. Specifically, with Dual Recording mode, Gen Z can completely create videos that combine the front and rear cameras, creating a perfect two-dimensional view. This feature also helps fans of young idols confidently create attractive fan-made music videos. What’s more interesting than being able to capture yourself and capture your surroundings without having to switch back and forth between the two front and rear cameras?

T Linh and My Anh enjoy the Dual Recording feature of Galaxy S21 FE

Dual Recording mode will be one of the trending features for young people, not only because it is a convenient recording mode, but also one of the effective tools to help Gen Z be able to confidently create their own music. create, break through and “burn out fans”, true to the slogan of the Galaxy S21 FE. These are also the values ​​that Gen Z always wants to explore.

Fan T Linh combined with Fan My Anh to

The attraction of the Galaxy S21 FE shows no sign of stopping. The Galaxy S21 FE pre-orders are constantly under the “attack” of fans as well as young users, showing that this is an undeniable choice of Gen Z. The time is close to the Lunar New Year. This is also the time when young users’ demand for buying new smartphones to go out for Tet increases sharply, and Galaxy S21 FE is probably the answer to this need.

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