Du Thien personally drove a supercar to the airport to pick up his girlfriend Dat Villa

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During the flight from Indonesia to Vietnam, Vidhia was driven by famous singer Du Thien to Noi Bai airport to pick up her close junior girlfriend.

Recently, the “cross-border” love story of Dat Villa and Vidhia has received the attention and attention of many online communities. Accordingly, the male TikToker surprised many people when he crossed thousands of kilometers to visit his girlfriend in Indonesia. Not only that, he also made a full MV to prove his love for his girlfriend.


However, after that, this “top” idol had to return to Vietnam to continue working. Until recently, when people were still stirred by the suspicion that both “go their separate ways” because of the geographical distance, Vidhia surprised many people when she confirmed that she had come to Vietnam to visit her boyfriend. As for singer Du Thien, despite being busy with work, he still went to the airport to pick up his close brother’s girlfriend.


Through the posted image, it can be seen that the male singer is using a “excellent” supercar during the trip to pick up the Indonesian girl. As for Vidhia, she was quite happy despite having to go through a long flight. It is known that he and male TikToker used to have a music project together called “The star fruit brother”.


Accordingly, the content of the MV describes the life journey of Dat Villa from the time he started his career, faced difficulties until he achieved the current success. At this time, the MV has reached more than 2 million views on YouTube as well as achieved certain achievements on music platforms. It is known that in the near future, Du Thien will continue to have the ability to collaborate with Dat Villa in future music products after the success of Dat Villa. “The star fruit brother”.


Along with that, for Vidhia, this is her first time going to Vietnam. Besides the couple’s online love story, many people also hope that the female TikToker of Indonesian origin will have a good experience during her visit to her boyfriend’s hometown. Especially, with this visit to Vietnam, many people can easily see that Vidhia is cared for and well received by Dat Villa’s friends during this trip.


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