DTCL: The weakest season 6 tech cores no one wants to use

In the Teamfight Tactics season 6, there are technology cores that every time they appear, no one wants to touch because they are super weak.


Function: Foreign champions have a 50% chance to gain 1 extra gold when finishing the enemy.

Basically, this core is a weaker version of the ulti Gangplank, or the Thieves in season 3. The problem with it is that the Foreign Soldiers are extremely weak races, at first they didn’t dig up any champions capable of finishing. but make money, not to mention it overlaps with Gangplank’s ultimate so it’s considered a loss of a champion.

technology core season 6

The most likely champion that can use this core is Miss Fortune because of its splash damage, but no one wants to use MF as the main carry, most of the time when the pot explodes, everyone switches to a 4 or 5 money champion to be sure. Compared with other economic-oriented season 6 technology cores, Loot is literally something that is only worth throwing in the trash.

Yellow motivation

Function: Foreign champions deal 2% extra damage for every 1 gold, up to 60% damage for 30 gold.

Of the season 6 tech cores, Yellow Dynamics is the most ridiculous and irrelevant thing to ever come out. Before, it was completely a waste option when it took 60 gold to max damage. Even after being heavily buffed by Riot Games when increasing to 100% of stats, no one wants to use it all.

technology core season 6

The problem with this core is that Foreign Soldiers only have 2 high-damage champions, Miss Fortune (if 3 stars) and Tahm Kench, Gangplank is extremely late in the game, so they should be ignored. But the core of Foreign Soldiers is to accumulate a series of losses and explode the jar, but if you want to explode the jar, you have to throw money, so the yellow Motivation is considered self-squeezing.

When the jar explodes, usually everyone will replace all the Foreign Soldiers out, even if you hit 5 Foreign Soldiers, no one will accumulate money in the late game, but they have to roll it all to earn 5 money generals, which if you are that rich then win is a sure thing, over and over again this core is almost never usable.

Overwhelming person

Function: Gain 1 more gold for every 2 units that survive the battle.

The problem of the Overlord is that you have to hit the winning streak to be able to make full use of it, and in DTCL, the winning streak at the beginning of the game is completely based on dignity. Even if you are on a winning streak, choosing the Overlord is also extremely risky, because it forces us to spend money at all costs to keep the chain, just losing 1 match will make you fall out of the top. 4 always.

Not to mention 1 gold for every 2 units does not have much effect at first, because your champion is less likely to take advantage of it, later it is clear that no one wants to choose this core. Completing a mission that yields 1 gold from each surviving Gang champion is an easier and much less risky option.

Huge power

Function: If the champion has more than 1400 health, gain bonus attack damage equal to 3% of max health.

The initial fact that Colossal Power is a rather interesting season 6 tech core, is designed for AD-styled Giants or Gladiator-style formations. The theory is very good, but the way Riot Games implemented it is all wrong, when they nerf this type of play, from Clapio to Trundle reroll, forcing gamers to only use tank champions. .


Now, Giant Power is a complete waste, if it is for both AD and AP, then the 3-star generals can take advantage of it a bit later, but now it’s true that I don’t know where to fit it. That is not to say if this core appeared in the first round of selection, almost 99% of people would not want to pick it, because where did the first few rounds dig up champions with over 1400 health to use? So you have to accept 1 core and then what else?

Study more, study forever

Function: Scholars gain permanent AP if they survive the battle.

The problem with this season 6 technology core is that currently the Scholar has only 1 carry called prestige, which can take advantage of it: Heimerdinger. Lissandra is also strong but often has to be ranked first, so it is easy to die, Yuumi is very few people with AP items. Obviously taking a whole core just to put 1 or 2 champions is never the right decision (we’re not looking at the Giants support cores, because they’re worth 2 slots).

That’s not to mention your Scholar champion has to live to make the best use of this core, so if you lose the series, the value of Learning is forever reduced a lot. In the current lineup of 4 or 6 Scholars with carry as Heimerdinger, the max item is only a tier A squad, much worse than the hot meta squads. Of course in certain cases this core is also strong, but it is clearly never a good choice.

Magic Sword

Function: The Mage’s basic attacks deal bonus magic damage based on current AP.

DTCL’s version of Sword of Calamity, it sounds very attractive because the Mages always have a lot of AP, if it hits the 6 or 8 mark, each normal attack will add hundreds of magic damage, but it’s actually complete. totally opposite. When fighting the Mage squad, no one thinks about hand-to-hand combat, but wants to make the move as soon as possible, not to mention the Mage has a very slow attack speed, so it is even more difficult to take advantage of this core.

That’s not to mention that Mages have a very long casting time, for example Lux after defeating the target gains energy and will immediately cast again, basically without the need for Sword. permission. Even if Viktor is the fastest type of Mage, no one would think about letting this champion fight, because enough cast items once ulti is several times stronger, clearly the core of season 6 technology. This is very redundant.


A lot of gamer evaluating the season 6 technology cores is not as attractive as at first, because the difference in power between them and the rollout rate is too unlucky, at first it looks fun but the more you fight, the more unstable it becomes. The super weak technology cores in this article show that that statement is completely valid. Hopefully Riot will fix this imbalance in the following patches.

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