Dr Disrespect has had a long history of controversial events since he began streaming. While many of those controversies stand out in memory, it’s his infamous Twitch ban that’s probably the biggest. Not only does the cause of Dr Disrespect’s ban remain a mystery, but it led to a lawsuit, too. While Dr Disrespect now comfortably calls YouTube his home, he’ll always have fans hoping he’ll once again return to Twitch. Funnily enough, those fans have just gotten their wish, though not the way they would have liked.


Dr Disrespect has just made an appearance on Twitch once more despite previously saying he’d never be on Twitch again, and Twitch having permanently banned the now-Youtube streamer. However, while the Doc’s mustache and mullet were there for all to see, it wasn’t during his own broadcast, nor was it a part of anyone else’s. It was during an advertisement, of all things. An advertisement for Fortnite shown on Twitch featured a brief glimpse of Dr Disrespect.

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All in all, it’s nothing to make a fuss over. It’s just an interesting situation. The Fortnite ad in question featured a variety of different content creators playing the game. They’re all playing Fortnite‘s recently-added Zero Build game mode. Dr Disrespect is only on-screen for three or four seconds, and his appearance isn’t especially notable outside of the fact that he’s otherwise permanently banned from Twitch.

The question, then, is whether it’s within Twitch’s Terms of Service or advertising agreement that banned streamers are also banned from advertisements. After all, some Twitch streamers are banned for very good reasons. Having them appear after being banned, even in advertisements, could be harmful or even traumatic for certain Twitch users. Of course, it’s impossible to make a judgment call on that since no one knows what Dr Disrespect was banned for.

Dr Disrespect is a popular content creator on YouTube, in the end. He has advertising partnerships with a variety of companies, and it would be surprising if every company making advertisements was familiar with his history with Twitch. Even if Dr Disrespect is supposed to be banned from Twitch, even in advertisements, it’s easy to see how this might have slipped past oversight.

Whether it’s an accident or not, Dr Disrespect has briefly returned to Twitch — sort of. It’s not how any of his fans were likely hoping, but it’s also probably more than anyone ever expected. Fans can thank Fortnite for the opportunity. Just don’t expect Dr Disrespect to leave YouTube otherwise.

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