Download LastPass – The best password management & memory software available today. No more worrying about having too many online passwords to remember. LastPass will help you.

LastPass is rated as the leading software in remembering and managing passwords online, much more secure than saving passwords on web browsers.

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The interface of the saved password management page of LastPass:

LastPass Password Manager & Memory SoftwareLastPass Password Manager & Memory Software

Key features of LastPass software

  • Save all passwords and manage them securely in LastPass account your.
  • One password LastPass replaces all the passwords of your online accounts, but is even more secure.
  • Not only save passwords, LastPass It also helps you create notes, create credentials for your online purchases, share passwords with your loved ones.
  • Supports most popular web browsers today.
  • Support password synchronization between devices such as computers, tablets, phones (paid accounts).
  • LastPass Encrypt your data with the most modern technologies to keep your passwords safe.
  • Support Vietnamese language (not yet complete).

Requires computer configuration to install LastPass

  • Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 2.0+, Chrome 18+, Safari 5+, Opera 11+

Instructions for installing LastPass software

Step 1: Download LastPass to your computer.

Step 2: Run the downloaded file.

Step 3: Select Vietnamese in the language section then tap the line Advance setting .

Select Vietnamese then press the Advanced options button

Step 4: Set up for LastPass as Install LastPass for the web browser you are using (Browser Add-ons), folder Install LastPass (Install Options), make the icon of LastPass in addition to the desktop (Add icon to desktop), privacy options (Privacy Options).

After selecting, press the . button Install LastPass .

The option to install is to click the Install LastPass button

Step 5: If there is a browser open, you will be asked to close it, press the . button Close programs to close automatically or manually close (if this step is not available, skip it).

Click the close programs button to close the open browser

Step 6: LastPass requires you to have an account to manage passwords, if you already have an account then press the . button Log in to Existing Account , if not, press the . button Creat a New Account to create a new account (it’s quick – see step 7).

Create a LastPass account or log in if you already have an account

Step 7: Fill in information such as email, password and password hint when forgotten (Master Password Reminder).

Check the box I agree to… then press the button Create Account .

Create a LastPass account

Step 8: LastPass will ask you to sync the passwords you have saved across web browsers, press the . button Import to agree and button No, thanks to deny.

Synchronize saved passwords across web browsers or not

Step 9: Start the process Install LastPass.

Start the LastPass installation

Step 10: If a certain browser does not automatically install LastPass A message like below will appear, here is Firefox. you press the button OK to Install LastPass for the browser.

Press the OK button

Step 11: Now the browser will run and automatically open the download page LastPass for the browser, you just need to press the . button Download Now and settings as browser add-on settings.

Click the Download button to install LastPass for the browser

That’s it, you’re done with the installation LastPass and that. Display LastPass. Although there is support for Vietnamese, it is not complete.

LastPass interface

Good luck!!!

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