workaround is to prepare information and contact Facebook. If you spam, jointly broke the temple … shall be deemed to be difficult to open. But if by facebook confused as spam, or report is made in the following way:

METHOD 2: Direct contact with support staff
Step 1: on link /
Step 2:
Click on: Home – Requirements related to my page
Step 3:
Requirements relating my page
Click on: the other questions to my page
Step 4:
e-mail address that you regularly use is what?
Enter the email address you are sending nick FB information
Step 5:
Company name what is your career?
Remember your name is
Step 6:
Please let us know how to be able to support you
Please provide as much detail as there can, for example, object ID, ID-pixel tracking ID (FACEBK * ___), etc.

Filling: …… My site has been mistakenly identified as spam system please check and help me unblock

Then submit your request. During 1.2 days your domain will be resolved unlocked.

The open domain is not a simple lock. So be patient and prepare adequate information and email multiple times, swapping it. If you have one advertising account, the ability to spend more money is better support while.

The lesson here: Beware of spam service, super cheap to run ads (50% -60%).

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