Only skilled gamers should use and promote the effectiveness of this biggest ‘skill dance’ lineup of Lien Quan Mobile.

Florentino – Lane Evil God

Florentino has been too famous for his flowery, fleeting and extremely scary moves with high damage, continuous stuns, cooldowns in an instant, in addition to being immune to control and high attack speed as well as catching odd. Impressive enemy. Even Florentino’s ability to dance Sword is so famous that not only Lien Quan Mobile but also the game village knows it.

Discover the best 'dance' lineup in the game_1

However, strong is strong, but he easily becomes a ‘weight’ of the whole team if he falls into the hands of a ‘immature’ player who lacks orientation skills and slips, now Florentino is no different. Please! On the contrary, this general will really be a terrible nightmare if the player possesses superior skills.

Lauriel – Sorcerer

Surely gamers of Lien Quan are no strangers to Lauriel’s scary skill dance characteristics. Unlike other Mid “colleagues”, instead of using terrible shock combos, this mage’s strength comes from a combination of moves to become a real blood planer, even when green enough, can still reach 3 pounds 4.

Discover the best 'dance' lineup in the game_2

However, Lauriel is a late card and depends on a certain amount of economy to be able to fly. Therefore, if you want to counter Lauriel, right from the beginning of the game, players must force into mid to limit her ability to farm money.

Choose long-armed generals like Krixi, Elsu or Violet when confronting Lauriel in case she is too green, absolutely don’t get close!

Nakroth – Forest

The forest is the battle area of ​​a series of generals possessing complex skills and requiring high skills, the most prominent one being Nakroth with his unmatched ‘dance’! Basically, it’s not too difficult to perform this champion’s attacks, but whether or not Nakroth becomes an opponent’s nightmare is a problem.

Discover the best 'dance' lineup in the game_3

In order to perform Nakroth dance effectively, players in addition to responding quickly to hand manipulation must also learn how to read the match, move and enter and exit combat appropriately to gain an advantage or finish the target.

In particular, playing Nakroth needs to prepare yourself with a steel bravery and a bit of ‘trickiness’, especially when running away from weak health due to mistakenly swiping move 2 or hitting your face against the wall – the possibility of color flying is very high. !

Fennik – AD

Although not as good as Eland’orr, Fennik still deserves to be on this list with his ‘stable’ elegance and can dance well in some cases.

Discover the best 'dance' lineup in the game_4

This is a general who possesses a set of skills that can continuously fight and trigger the opponent’s saw for a long time. In particular, Electric Smash is considered Fennik’s most impressive skill when it not only helps him move quickly, but also avoids controlling moves and certain attacks from the enemy.

If making good use of this ability, Fennik dancers can completely weigh 2, even weigh 3 when given the opportunity – Something very few Gunners of the Union can do at the present time.

Superman – Support

Considered to be the most versatile general in Lien Quan Mobile when going well in many positions, but the most famous Superman is still solo lane and Assistant.

Discover the best 'dance' lineup in the game_5

‘Superman’ in the role of Support can be said to be unmatched in terms of creating continuous mutations and impressing with continuous push phases as well as using skills 1 and 2 to disrupt the enemy squad.

Once in the hands of proficient gamers S, Superman is no different from a real ‘bulldozer’ in his divine thrusts. So, it’s not wrong to put your faith in Superman!


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