What information should not post on Facebook? Prove things? Birth date or home address? Or defamatory family on it? All of them should not be on Facebook!

Facebook account with huge volume, a populous country in the world is the place for those with malicious intent advantage, also because we do not have enough awareness to protect personal information, to anticipate the unfortunate incident will help you safer on social networks!

Đằng sau Facebook là những âm mưu đen tối

Behind Facebook’s dark conspiracy

Jam You’ve taken all of the pictures of his identity card and thrown onto Facebook with the comment that “more handsome in the past”, in fact, identity cards may be counterfeit a “correct” they know both your ID and pictures, so I also recommend that you delete them straight away!

Or like a friend, like taking pictures with the little driver’s license, or showing off his keys, so things are private and should be kept confidential so Facebook can also be the right to be citizens it is also much less, not only that, I found a lot of friends I made extremely serious mistakes such as the following 10!

1. Date and place of birth of you

Maybe you are interested in receiving good wishes from friends on Facebook for your birthday, but you should think twice before his birthday publicly on Facebook. Beth Givens, director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse operator pointed out that the disclosure of the exact date of birth on Facebook equivalent of your security information is assigned their own financial security for the thief. Moreover, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University recently discovered that they could replicate security information social security of an individual based on the date and place of birth of the person. You do not necessarily have to completely remove information about your date of birth on Facebook, you can enter a date close to the actual date of birth on Facebook.

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2. Phone number and home address you

sharing personal information such as phone numbers, contacts … not a good idea when the public on the social network. Even if you think you can trust your online friends, it is not so naive given personal information to that person.

Currently, Facebook has many online trading sites, and many people are willing to trust the public to phone numbers, home addresses … for home delivery. It is worth mentioning, this comment to form the public and anyone can find. Simple and secure way, rather than private messaging or work address to receive the goods. Moreover, there have been many cases, thieves use Facebook to identify targets when these users open they leave the house. Therefore, it is best that you should never publicly personal information on the internet.

3. Trips away leaving home

According to Ron Lieber consultant for the New York Times, you should not status updates referring to the long trip you have to leave your home for a long time. The status of this kind will be the message to those who “friend” your untrustworthy that your house is no one to look after. You can this type of status updates with a message to the “Friends” on that house you are equipped with a warning bell or a protection dog.

4. Check-in continuous

function check-in is much loved to the point of abuse. Eating, out supermarket, go to the movies, go to work or go to school … the movements are “reported” on Facebook. This just makes the bad guys take advantage and affect you. For example, knowing you’re check-in at a place far away, not at home, the thief could use it to break into your home.

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5. “Brag” disreputable

Contained frustrating secrets, and many people choose to “flush” it on personal page because they think no one disregard them. Did you know that the status as: “just take the item can not be charged from the supermarket”, “to run a red light,” “Tax evasion is a few coins” … so be mindful of others. Employers who tend to skim social networking sites to determine the tenant, and they were very upset when their employees have life without standards.

A study conducted in 2011 estimated that 8% of companies firing someone because of “misuse” of social media.

6. The message personally identifiable

You’re in love, and love is wonderful. Many of you feel that breeze lover, beloved friend on Facebook to “certify” the sentiment is one thing to do. Thus lovers will have more confidence and have friends “witnesses” are more difficult to break up. But Facebook is not the place to display proof of love it because not many people really care. They even upset because Facebook was “contaminated” by the intimate pictures, maybe even a few who are quietly looking for a split second your sentiment.

If someone is really interested in you, they will know how happy you are with the simple message and a few cute pictures iconic as the street holding hands, the two rely on each other cocktails …

7. About work and colleagues

Whether you use security measures to start, then the conversation about work and colleagues is always easy to make you lose the fastest. Your colleagues always have “ears and eyes” everywhere whether you have befriended them on social networks or not. Work environment is not large, so you just hinted, insiders can still understand what you say. It is best to keep or share in the individual group only.

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Whether you use security measures to start, then the conversation about work and colleagues is always easy to make you lose the fastest.

8. Family story or photos of your children

When you say these things or not related to the family, you also indirectly embarrass yourself. Besides, the social network is also a spacious land so you can show off family photos and your children, but if you’re one of the 40% of users are not limited to access the photos will be known to everyone. It’s a sad fact, but there are so many scams have also used the Internet as a form of profit for themselves and know where you or your children will fall into this trap. Therefore, limit post pictures of your family or your children, or to be private is a good way to avoid risks to your loved ones.

When you say these things or not related to the family, you also indirectly embarrass myself.

9. Negative emotions

Others may glow with you, and may also be affected by your negative emotions. Nobody likes to read the status sorrow, sadness, while the cause of your sadness sometimes only trifles.

10. Indoor space

Khoe stranger space in your home is an extremely not recommended. You never know who is waiting for you out of the house “intrusion”, when you accidentally revealed indoor space meant to create favorable conditions for others arise malicious intent.

I wish you success!

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