He picked me today you phone up asking me is why they can not be installed into Zalo machines, once installed it is also a problem, I just told him that he just try to download and install my view, why is it not?

Hệ điều hành Android thì thường chậm theo thời gian, và chậm chạp nâng cấp

The Android operating system is often slow down over time, and slowly upgrade

He entered the browser, type in the keyword something then download one, after installing the application is started up, it sure wait a minute, then it is declared it the huge advertising center of the screen, in addition there was something else!

second time to download, it’s sure to wait and just waited forever, finally escape the rush and find machines rumble shock, do not understand why!

Done I incited: Download again see, he loaded again and this time it was, exactly right Zalo!

After investigating the phone number to sign up, an activation message on, beng beng so, free software to read the message and fill out the form trigger, that’s it, he was successfully installed on Zalo ! Ho ho!

Because Android phones it silly, vulnerability to by the boyfriend, so people do not specialize on download mistakenly called unreliable sources, so the site crawling body and call bullshit on tight Google meeting, people may not know what is reputed to download pages, or they did not know that both Google CHplay download, then rolls are both beautiful pages related domains to directly compete with Zalo ZaloApp.com , that glimpse, the following pages as well as pages are difficult to distinguish!

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And also by a message on the machine to be granted the right to apply it to read, so the risk you are exposed to extreme information then, separately on iOS is impossible, do not enter by hand is far are, stupid people, it sure inconvenient, but the technical people, technology professionals and citizens, it is necessary that, even more than that, by messages, notes, emails, photos and videos need to be protected, regardless of access would have to ask properly, it could never have that people are willing to give plastic a hundred dollars to buy personal information if someone is selling their information!

Dan plowing, security worries ? hell and then the whole plant virus, ready to turn the phone into gold warehouse messaging automatically, then turn your phone into a botnet attack even certain websites …

I wish you happy!

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