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frog meat is a folk material, has a lot of protein and very good for young anorexia, when processed food is delicious mint fried frogs and also very nutritious for families, more prone perform.

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frog legs 300g
200g mint
10 tobacco guise
Garlic hash
1 chilli horn
salt, pepper and oil
County wedge


– Frog Thigh cleaned, cut into bite size pieces, soaked in 1/2 package dry soaked fried dough Quick Aji taste butter, then fried golden, take out and drain oil.

– Peppermint bark stripping, cutting obliquely, poaches in salt water, fish out of water soaked rock. Leaves guise fiber cut. Peppers seeded and cut lozenge.


– Non-aromatic garlic minced, for fried mint, seasoning Aji-tasty 1m wedge nuts, then soaked frogs to turn down the heat, add the peppers and stirring guise leaves.


– Ratings frog dish, sprinkle with pepper, hot use. Lisa dots together soy sauce up to flavor.

Small Tip

– pin mint to eating no itching, help keep food color and spice permeability. Should fried frog immediately after drying soaked fried breaded Quick Aji to retain crispness longer.

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