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seafood dish with simple processing, but taste delicious and nutritious.

mon cua xao xot tuong Ngon và bổ dưỡng với cua xào sốt tương


– Crabs: 1 child 600g
– Onions: 1 tuber
– Ginger: 50g
– fresh coconut water: 1 cup
– Eggs: 1 results
– Peppers horn , scallions, garlic, cilantro
– Sugar, chili
– Oil things, tapioca
– Soy sauce – rice vinegar – County wedge – Sauce relatively LISA
Soy sauce
County Wedge
fermented rice vinegar


– Crab cleaned, put bibs, cups cheese, cut in half and crushed two more. Sprinkle little flour and mix well, then fried application.

– Onions cut his nose. Onion cut. Ginger, crushed garlic. Horn peppers cut fibers. Chicken eggs smashed.

– After mixed sauce: soy sauce LISA 1M mix with soy sauce LISA 1M, 2M LISA rice vinegar, sugar 1M, 1M chili sauce, seasoning seeds Ajingon 1m and 1 cup fresh coconut water.


– Heat the oil 1M things, ginger and garlic non-aromatic ginger and garlic then picked determine out. Then stir-fry sauce mixture, wait for the crab sauce to a boil, then stir-fry cooked, add the onions and peppers, stirring horns.

– Drain, then pour the sauce boil eggs, stirring to compare them then turn off the heat.


– Ratings crab dish, drizzle with more sauce crabs, sprinkle with cilantro and chili on top. Serve hot.

Small Tip

– should choose the females dark, heavy, with large bibs, many gach.An abdoment network 2 side, saw probably delicious crab.

300x250 Ngon và bổ dưỡng với cua xào sốt tương

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