Dead Space Remake: Chic new edition starts in January 2023

The Dead Space remake announced in July will be released a little later than planned. The end of 2022 is now a specific date: the game should be available in stores on January 27, 2023. In the meantime, the developers are showing the first gameplay scenes that illustrate the atmosphere.

Reissue with changes

The core of the remake will be based on Dead Space, but will not be rebuilt unchanged. In this way, the story should be better fitted into the Dead Space world that has grown since the original was released. In addition, Issac Clarke gets a vote. The developers are trying to dispel concerns that a waterfall will now destroy the gloomy mood. There are two important rules for permission to speak: Isaac will only speak when spoken to or it would be odd if he were silent in a certain situation.

In the remake, the USG Ishimura will also be traversable without loading screens. The movement in space and the mutilation of the opponents are also adjusted. The playfully integrated disassembly of the alien undead becomes more detailed. What’s new is that guns in the remake will have clearer visual effects to provide more accurate feedback on weapon strength and effectiveness. The life energy of opponents should also be better represented by the condition of their bodies.

Graphics make a big leap

However, the biggest changes are in the graphics. In a short video, the developers show what the new version looks like in action. More videos and a long live stream on the go into more detail Youtube channel of the game. It is not surprising that a big leap can be seen here: The remake is being developed for the PC, the Xbox Series S and X as well as the PlayStation 5. Older consoles, like the Nintendo Switch, do not have to be taken into account.

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