Vufone web service is a mobile support, which gives you advanced backup and data management of your mobile phone online. With Vufone, you can back up: phonebook information, messages, calendar or media and easily control them from the web account is provided.


Vufone lets you use Microsoft Outlook or Google calendar to manage meetings, events and contact information. Here, you can simultaneously upload the file format and share them with friends and family on systems such as social networking sites Facebook, Flickr, Youtube …

Before going into Vufone to interact with data backup, you need to download applications for mobile Vufone her. There will be a download link sent to your phone number to sign up to use the service. To start synchronizing with mobile list Vufone account online, you need to enable Vufone application from your phone and select “Synchronize”. Then the system will automatically synchronize all items available by default or may change depending on the user.

Vufone not currently support BlackBerry and iPhone, to know the list of supported devices you see in

And here is a summary list of Vufone characteristic features:

  • Data backup tool for mobile phones.
  • Synchronize your phone with Google and Microsoft Outlook.
  • There are information meetings or Google Calendar Microsoft Outlook on my main phone.
  • Take any image directly from any page to Vufone account as well as your phone via the supplied plug-in (supports IE, Firefox).
  • Vufone upload files from the phone.
  • Create online photo album and display them to share with your friends and family on the Web.
  • Connect you to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Youtube and more.
  • Listen to music on your mobile online.
  • Never lose data when the transfer device.
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