There is a lot of talk about the Bitcoin halving event coming up in May and the possibility of the next big bull run. If that were true, what would happen to crypto enthusiasts and investors already on the market? Will they all be amazed at Bitcoin's brilliant potential, to break $ 20,000 and hit new heights? Do they have a plan?

Founder of blockchain and AI Crypto Capital Venture engineer Dan Gambardello said Bitcoin could be more targeted in the next bull market, up to $ 150,000. Thus, compared to the current price of $ 9,438, BTC will increase 10 times, forecasting a positive profit for anyone who bought Bitcoin after the last price increase in December 2017, when the price was only $ 3,280. shouted a year later.

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Dan Gambardello

But what will the holder do? Usually, when the prophets discuss the risks of volatile cryptocurrency assets, Gambardello wonders about the potential for large price increases to help investors wake up and suddenly find themselves wealthy, able to buy. the luxury they secretly dreamed of. Specifically:

“Are you ready? What's your plan? Do you have an exit plan if you want to transfer to USD? Want to sell Bitcoin or crypto to buy a home or car? Do you have other financial plans instead of just keeping cryptocurrencies forever? I am more realistic. You all know I have been involved in cryptocurrencies as an investment to make money. It's still a top priority, so I'll approach it that way and talk about it in that context.

I'm sure a lot of people are here for the same reasons, right? I have goals for myself. Currently, I intend to hold a certain amount of Bitcoin to earn huge parabolic profits. But there must be some approach, some plans. ”

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Gambardello calls it a “cryptocurrency game” that can be played or not played. He points to the parabolic chart that shows the world's leading cryptocurrencies flash to new heights.

“Bitcoin really does what many people predict and they reach all-time highs. NIf it costs 50,000 dollars, 100,000 dollars, 150,000 dollars – they ta will reach the highest level of all time. You have been mentally prepared for situation Is that yet? ”

He argued that the possibility of a strong bull market would test investor mentality.

“In fact, what are you going to do? What do you think about? You are already prepared for that not yet If you see such great profits in the money portfolio encode mine?”

If Bitcoin reaches new highs as expected, he says that investors will have to be calm, mentally prepared for pullbacks: 30%, 40% and more.

Finally, Gambardello said that investor movements during the bull run primarily depend on beliefs and little chart consideration.

“I don't want to sit here and speculate wildly but have absolutely no plans. We need to have a plan. And besides having an exit plan, you have to strengthen your belief to stick to it – if Bitcoin continues to rise, if Bitcoin breaks the all-time highs and continues to reach new all-time highs. Again, nothing is guaranteed …

But as soon as we are prepared to expect the price to drop to accumulate, we have to predict what to do in the strong Bitcoin scenario. And the important thing is to keep up the morale. ”

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